SibEnzyme – enzymes for genetic engineering and medical applications


sibenzymeSibEnzyme Company supply enzymes worldwide including US, EU, Japan, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries.

SibEnzyme company was founded in 1991
Company’s headquarter is located in Scientific and Technological park of Novosibirsk, Russia Scientific and Technological park of Novosibirsk includes Academgorodok of Novosibirsk, Medical research cluster, Agricultural research cluster
and Center of virology and biotechnology.
It is the second biggest scientific center in Russia.
SibEnzyme company is a member of BioMed Cluster of the Novosibirsk region.

SibEnzyme in one of the leading worldwide producers of enzymes for DNA research, supplying our product more than 25 years. Production is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Basic activities of the company are discovery, study and production of enzymes for genetic engineering and medical applications.
SibEnzyme has a big collection of bacterial strains-producers of enzymes, including more than 100 recombinant ones. There are three companies in the world producing more than 200 restriction enzymes: New England Biolabs, Life Technologies and SibEnzyme.
SibEnzyme first discovered new types of DNA endonucleases: nicking DNA endonucleases, site-specific methyl-directed DNA endonucleases.
Strong R&D team with more than 35 years of scientific experience.

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Contact Information:
Ak.Timakova str. 2/12, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630117
Ph./Fax +7(383) 333-6853

TSMCERAMIC: multi-purpose energy-efficient liquid coatings

tsmceramicslogoTSMCERAMIC is an up-to-date efficient heat insulation materials designed by Russian scientists with the use of nanotechnologies. This material is universal for integrated barrier protection of various types of surfaces.
It has record low coefficient of heat conductivity approved by GOST 7076-87 that distinguishes TSMCERAMIC among other conventional heat insulation materials such as an expanded foam or a glass wool.
Use of this material gives an exceptional energy saving effects thanks to ceramic hollow (vacuum) microspheres contained therein.
main_imgThese microscopic particles form the basis of heat insulation creating a thick barrier and reflect heat energy without absorbing it as other conventional heat insulation materials.
Consistency of TSMCERAMIC resembles a traditional paint allowing easy and quick application of the material to a surface using an airbrush or common brush.
This material is very adhesive and can be applied to all types of surface: from concrete and bricks to wood and plastic. Its thin consistency allows using this material freely to protect various objects of unusual form and design.

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Contact Information.
Moscow, 16, Sushchevskiy val, 4
Tel: +7(499)301-01-22

National University of Science and Technology «Misis»



In 2014 National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” became one of the winners of the competition for financial support from the Federal Government of Russia and is proud to be among 15 university participants of the TOP 5-100 Project to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market

In 2017 within the framework of the TOP 5-100 Project NUST MISiS announces International Open Grant Competition designed to provide support to invite Leading scientists and young scientists with international background.

We will be very grateful if you could help us to circulate information about our Grants.

The reference to detailed information on a competition is given below:

1. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” designed to provide support to a research project implemented under the supervision of leading scientists

2. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” designed to invite Leading scientists for short term joined research projects

3. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» designed to support young scientists (PostDoc) with international background, invited to conduct a joint research project during 2 years (2017-2019)

4. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» designed to support young scientists (PostDoc) with international background, invited to postdoctoral position at leading laboratories and infrastructures


Download the flyer with summary information about the competition.



Contact Information:

National University of
Science and Technology «MISiS»
4 Leninsky prospect
119049, Moscow
Help and Assistance:
Tel. +7495 638 46 29

Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”

Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” designed to provide support to a research project implemented under the supervision of leading scientists

The grant competition objective is to: identify, in compliance with approved procedures and regulations, the best research project proposal (proposals) submitted by an applicant (applicants) seeking support in the form of a grant of the National University of Science and Technology «MISiS».
Grants of National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» are made available in the amount of up to 20 million rubles each to support research projects over a period of 1.5 years (01.07.2017 – 31.12.2018) with the possibility of being renewed based on the results of the previous work.
Envelopes with grant applications shall be submitted to the address of the grant competition organizer 119049 The NUST «MISiS», room B-520, 5th floor, Leninsky prospect, 4 Moscow
(International Research Projects Department, code №431) in the period from May 1, 2017 to May 22, 2017 (12:00 Moscow time).
Participation eligibility requirements
Research teams in collaboration with leading Russian or foreign scientists that are recognized by the global scientific community as authoritative and influential leaders within their respective fields of science and research areas that designed and submitted their grant applications in compliance with Paragraphs 5.1 to 5.4 of the Competition Documentation, are deemed as a single applicant.
A leading scientist may take part in one research project only.

Research project and research project implementation requirements
Any research projects proposed hereunder may not duplicate any prior or current research projects financially supported by different level budgets of the Russian Federation or funded from other sources;
The National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» will make its grants available to support successful research projects proposed for implementation within the following fields of science:
- Meta-materials and post-silicon electronics materials design
- Autonomous energy and energy efficiency
- Materials and technologies for improving human lifespan and overall quality of life
- Industrial design and engineering technologies to reindustrialise the economy
- Green technologies for efficient resource use
The Leading scientist undertakes an obligation as a research outcome to attract additional funding for the implementation of scientific research from other sources, at least 30% of the grant requested;

Download competition documentation.

For more information please visit National University of Science and Technology website.

RuNiTrade – B2B e-Trade platform


runitrade2015-2016 «Trailtrans logistics» created an electronic trade B2B-platform «RuNiTrade» which is a ready tool for promotion and delivery of Russian goods all over the world.
«RuNiTrade» provides solutions for trade and logistics for enterprises in key branches of industry in Russia and worldwide.
B2B (RuNiTrade) is a dynamic e-commerce platform which will squeeze the global distances between Russian and foreign businesses.
It is easy to use, robust, reliable, secure and scalable system over the internet It would bring business community on the one place of business friendly environment where they will be able to buy and sell goods in order to gain profit and fulfill business activities.
Globalization, economic expansion, innovation and technology has made e-trading predominant in contemporary economic life.

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Contact information:
Building 60a,
Sovetskaya St.
180000, Pskov City
Pskovskaya Oblast,
Russian Federation
Tel: +7 (8112) 33-11-12

IQ-CHem: International Projects Contest

Screenshot_49IQ-CHem is an international contest of innovative projects in the field of chemistry and new materials.

SIBUR Holding established the IQ-CHem contest in 2010. As of today, SIBUR is Russia’s largest integrated gas processing and petrochemical company. More than 1,000 projects have been submitted by aspirants within the five-year history of the contest. IQ-CHem acquired a new open format in 2016 to attract leading chemical corporations and venture funds seeking opportunities of cooperation with promising startups.

Download full SIBUR IQ-CHEM Contest presentation.

Contact Information:
Ekaterina Romanyuk
+7 (495) 777-55-00 (*28-66)

VisionLabs: visual recognition software and solutions for finance, retail, video surveillance and security sectors


visionlabsimgVisionLabs is a world-leading visual recognition company develops software and solutions for finance, retail, video surveillance and security sectors.

VisionLabs was founded in 2012 and nowadays is a success in projects with big corporations and governmental institutions worldwide. VisionLabs products: software and cloud service for clients’ face recognition.

VisionLabs create technologies, which change day-to-day world, make it a more comfortable and secure place to live. Company mission mission is to bring the future, where modern technologies will take charge of the service functions and will give the person more time for self-improvement and personal growth.

VisionLabs is officially one of the top three world’s best face recognition technologies, according to University of Massachusetts (LFW benchmark)

  • More than 25 banks from TOP-50 in Russia and CIS are using VisionLabs face recognition technology directly and through Equifax credit Bureau
  • VisionLabs Face Engine is super robust due to training on huge database of 70 000 000 real life images
  • VisionLabs Luna is 22% ahead of the nearest competitor in terms of quality of the face recognition for the financial sector
  • VisionLabs face recognition technology is using more than 500 000 digital cameras daily in Russia and CIS countries
  • 46 000 is a number of digital cameras in the Bank integrated with VisionLabs face recognition technology within one of the largest banks of VTB Group Russia
  • 2 Average time (2 seconds) required by Visionlabs face recognition technology to complete the full cycle of verification and identification of a Bank customer

Download VisionLabs presentation.

Contact information:
LLC «VisionLabs»
Russia, 129110, Moscow
st. Shchepkin, 51/4, building 1
Phone: +7 (499) 399 3361
E-mail: info (at)

QuintTech – cloud-based system that helps you build, manage and monitor your lighting system from anywhere in the world

Image1QuintTech Company with partner solution from DEUS LLC producing intelegent lighting control systems.

Powerful Cloud Managed Sulution
ME6 Enterprise solution is a cloud-based system that helps you build, manage and monitor your lighting system from anywhere in the world. WithME6Cloud, you can create multiple objects, control individual spaces, design custom scenarios, monitor network health, and much more.

Scalable, modular hardware
ME6 hardware works seamlessly to deploy enterprise-grade wireless lighting control system at a fraction of time and cost of traditional systems.Just choose router and 0-10V node. The possibilities are endless.

Low cost solution
ME6 Enterprise solution is the lower-cost, cloud-managed mesh wireless solution for lighting control. With hardware designed from the ground up to fit even the tightest budget, ME6 proves how affordable professional, enterprise-grade, cloud-managed wireless solution can be.

Download full company presentation.

Contact Information:
Tel: +7 499 731-70-95
Tel:+7 495 970-89-20

«IASP Annual World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation»


technoparksconfWe are pleased to invite you to the, which will be held on 19-22 September 2016 «IASP Annual World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation».
Skolkovo Innovation Center in partnership with MSU Science Park and Technopark Strogino and with strong support of the Moscow City Government will host the 33rd IASP Annual World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation in September 2016.
The conference will bring together experts from science and technology parks (STPs) and other areas of innovation (AIs), technology-based incubators, academia, the public sector and business to discuss and debate in depth the trends in STPs and other areas of innovation as increasingly complex structures for professional innovation support.
International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation connects the professionals managing science, technology and research parks (STPs) and other areas of innovation and provides services that further promote the growth and effectiveness for all members. IASP members enhance the competitiveness of companies and entrepreneurs of their cities and regions, and contribute to global economic development through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the transfer of knowledge and technology.
IASP is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
The IASP World Conference is held annually. It is the main networking event of Association, gathering an ever increasing number of delegates and speakers from all over the world.
To serve their companies and communities, science and technology parks and other areas of innovation often collaborate and coordinate activities with different institutions and organisations, such as chambers of commerce, development and funding agencies, industry associations, networks, venture capital, etc. All of these institutions are welcome to make contributions to this conference.
The programme will be divided into a variety of sessions – retaining both the traditional plenary and parallel sessions on specific topics, as well as more innovative formats – to encourage a more dynamic knowledge exchange. All conference sessions will be related to the overall theme for the 2016 IASP World Conference, which has been set as: “The Global Mind – linking innovation communities for internationalization, sustainability and growth.”

To register for the the conference please visit organizers website.

Please, take into account that the registration process for IASP 2016 will have strict requirements as we have the honour of a visit by the Government Management which requires an official data check by Federal Services of Security. It is highly recommended to provide all your personal info no later than 10th of September 2016. This is the only way to guarantee your access to the conference venue on the day of the Opening Ceremony, as delegates who do not provide their personal information by 10th September unfortunately will not be allowed access on 20th September 2016.

Contact Information
Skolkovo Innovation Center, 5 Nobel Street, Moscow, Russia 143026
Tel: +7 495 956 00 33

Startup Village – the largest startup conference for technology entrepreneurs in Russia and the CIS


startupvillageStartup Village, the largest conference for startup entrepreneurs in Russia, will take place at Skolkovo Innovations Center on June 2 – 3, 2016.

Startup Village – is a platform for communication of startup founders with successful entrepreneurs, large industrialists, investors, government officials, business angels and industry experts from around the world.

Participants will be able to explore product prototypes at the concurrent trade show and also get to the next step in their careers through hands-on education at round tables, lectures, workshops and other events. Speakers include founders of Rovio Mobile, Almaz Capital Partners, and other top experts in the field.

Download event programme.

To register please visit organizers website.

Contact Information.
+7 (495) 956-00-33
8 (800) 250 09 21