GlobalLab integrates inquiry, crowdsourcing and instruction to revolutionize collaborative learning. GlobalLab is a unique, web-based, educational platform that enables students, teachers, and learners of all ages to pose questions and together find answers. With GlobalLab, teachers finally have in one place all the resources, tools, partners, and support to bring… Continue reading

Software development company DATADVANCE

Software development company DATADVANCE

DATADVANCE is a software development company inspired by innovation. The company is specialized in research and development of software tools for predictive modeling, intellectual data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization. DATADVANCE’s flagship product is pSeven – a software platform for process integration, data mining and multidisciplinary optimization. Company mission is to… Continue reading

VEB Innovations Fund

Non-profit organization “Fund for financial promotion of Skolkovo Projects (VEB Innovations Fund) was established by Vnesheconombank at the end of 2011 to invest in high technology projects of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The main goals of the Fund: promotion of Russian governmental innovative programs; creation of innovative infrastructure in Russia;… Continue reading

SEZ Innopolis, Tatarstan

SEZ Innopolis, Tatarstan

The Innopolis project involves the creation of a new city. The new city is designed to bring together young highly qualified specialists from all over the country, thus strengthening the innovative capacity of the Russian Federation. The prospective population of Innopolis is 155 000 people, of which 60 000 will… Continue reading

Hi-tech equipment from “LAMSYSTEMS” – Clean Zones, Clean Rooms, laboratory protective wear for cleanrooms

LAMSYSTEMS Holding is the largest manufacturer in Russia and CIS countries of specialized hi-tech equipment and associated products used for creating dust free abacterial air environment in medicine, pharmaceutics, microelectronics, food industry and nanotechnology. The Holding manufactures equipment to protect product, operator and environment from aerogenic contamination: Laminar Air Flow… Continue reading


DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR EARLY DETECTION IN OPHTHALMOLOGY AND ALLIED MEDICAL FIELDS One of the research techniques in ophthalmology is perimetry (study of patient’s visual fields) whose results provide information concerning more than just ophthalmologic diseases (absence of disease) but also information for neurosurgery, endocrinology, neurology… Continue reading