Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange – Timber commodity market

JSC Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) was registered in May
2008. On 23 of September 2008 the first trading session with diesel and jet fuel was done in petroleum products section of the exchange.
The clearing service is provided by SDCO (JSC) and settlements are done through 8 authorized organizations: Sberbank, VTB, GPB, AlfaBank, Russia, VBRR, Rosselkhozbank, and NSD.
Now SPIMEX is the largest Russian commodity exchange, it organizes derivatives and commodities trading (wide geography of delivery bases) and maintains high standards of customer service. The total number of participants is more than 1900 companies.

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Contact Information
JSC Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange
Address: Moscow, Timura Frunze str., 24
Tel.: +7 (495) 380-04-24
Saint Petersburg:
191119, Marata st. 69-71, lit. А
+7 (812) 449-53-83
664011, Gorkogo st., 36 Б, of. III-12
+7 (395) 248-83-20; +7 (395) 248-83-24
Sovetskaya st. 24 (unit б)
+7 (342) 235-78-48

UNISTEAM – steam generator producer


unisteamimgThe Mission of company is to provide clients with the energy of steam by creating reliable steam generators, which facilitate the extraction of hard-to-reach oil, manufacturing of high quality cement, production of confectionary, milk, bakery, meat, vegetable products and beverages, as well as enhancement of laundry process and different industrial services.
Throughout the years «UNISTEAM» has acquired the reputation of a reliable and responsible business partner and established strong relationship with numerous retail/wholesale sellers in Russian and abroad. «UNISTEAM oilfield steam generator plant» continues its steady growth and further development and always appreciate company partners trust and relentlessly work on mutual benefit.

«UNISTEAM oilfield steam generator plant» LLC designs and manufactures solutions for more than 15 industries in three main categories:
- UNISTEAM-X line: industrial gas and diesel steam generators for food processing, textile and chemical industries;
- UNISTEAM-M line: special equipment for oil and gas industry;
- UNISTEAM-S line: modular heating plants for oil refining and oil extraction industries.
The products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:20015 standards, and are also compliant with European Directive PED 97/23, which allows the procurement of company products to the territory of EU.

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Contact Information:
456313, Russia, Chelyabinsk Region,
Miass, Turgoyakskoye Highway, 13/23
phone: +7 (3513) 54 34 54

Jewellery Plant «Topaz» – the largest manufacturer of jewellery and located in Kostroma Region

Jewellery Plant «Topaz» is the largest manufacturer of jewellery and located in Kostroma – the ancient Russian city, which is famous for it’s beautiful monasteries, churches and jewellery craft. Kostroma goldsmiths have been working on perfection of their skills and today Kostroma is justly called «The Jewellery capital» of Russia. The company was founded in Kostroma in 1992 as a small jeweler’sworkshop. It is currently focusing on expanding its presence in UK. The company currently has over 140 outlets in Russia. «Topaz» is a vertically integrated company that designs, manufactures and retails jewellery. They offers rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings. The company currently employs approximately 1800 staff.
Jewellery Plant «Topaz» is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in Russia. Nowadays «Topaz» is listed among 5 largest enterprises of the Russian jewellery market and produces 3% of all manufactured fine gold jewellery in Russia. The company designs and handcrafts jewellery by value at its Kostroma workshop, which is one of the largest handmade jewellery-producing facilities in Russia.
«Topaz» has its own manufacturing facilities. Large production volumes let us purchase raw materials and select only the best suppliers of gold and precious/semiprecious stones. «Topaz» own lapidary technology enhances the quality of the stone cutting and allow creation of unique jewellery designs.
Success of Kostroma Jewellery Plant «Topaz» is continuously confirmed by a number of a awards and prizes received at International and Russian jewellery exhibitions under various nominations.
Throughout the years «Topaz» has acquired the reputation of a reliable and responsible bisiness partner and established strong relationship with numerous retail/wholesale sellers in Russian and abroad. Kostroma Jewellery Plant «Topaz» continues its steady growth and further development and always appreciate company partners trust and relentlessly work on mutual benefit.

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Contact information:
Kostroma Jewellery Plant «Topaz»
Gorodskaya str. 1A, 156005, Kostroma, Russia
Tel: + 7 (4942) 43-11-92
fax: +7 (4942) 53-15-72

RuNiTrade – B2B e-Trade platform


runitrade2015-2016 «Trailtrans logistics» created an electronic trade B2B-platform «RuNiTrade» which is a ready tool for promotion and delivery of Russian goods all over the world.
«RuNiTrade» provides solutions for trade and logistics for enterprises in key branches of industry in Russia and worldwide.
B2B (RuNiTrade) is a dynamic e-commerce platform which will squeeze the global distances between Russian and foreign businesses.
It is easy to use, robust, reliable, secure and scalable system over the internet It would bring business community on the one place of business friendly environment where they will be able to buy and sell goods in order to gain profit and fulfill business activities.
Globalization, economic expansion, innovation and technology has made e-trading predominant in contemporary economic life.

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Contact information:
Building 60a,
Sovetskaya St.
180000, Pskov City
Pskovskaya Oblast,
Russian Federation
Tel: +7 (8112) 33-11-12

Shoes Factory «TREK» LLC


TREKShoes Factory «TREK» LLC – producer of the All-weather shoes
Natural leather
High quality
Broad selection of models
Made in Russia



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Contact Information:
Shoes Factory «TREK» LLC
Kuybysheva Street 115B,
Perm 614990, Russian Federation
+7 (342) 214-88-88

SMW Engineering – magnesium and aluminum wrought products manufacturer


SMWEngSMW Engineering (SMW) holds top expertise in the field of magnesium and aluminum wrought products manufacture, and their manufacturing technologies for use in lightweight applications. Company implements practical improvements to existing magnesium production facilities, has established R&D partnerships with scientific institutions as well as with leading laboratories and production facilities globally, produces forgings and pressed profile material from aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels. SMW develops advanced state-of-the-art technologies and offers the best in class engineering services.

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Contact Information:
TEL: +7.812.496.2217
FAX: +7.812.295.2540
Website: WWW.SMW.COM

Eletech factory – Large wholesale distributor of lighting products

eletech_Image1Large wholesale distributors of lighting products

  • Local manufactures of lighting products (OEM production in Russia)
  • Large infrastructure projects (roads, factories, industrial parks, etc.)
  • Big lighting projects (hotels, office buildings, trade/ business centers, etc.)


European quality (exporting about 500 000 items in Germany)

  • Low prices
  • Fast terms of manufacturing orders
  • Wide range of assortment (more than 15 000 SKU)
  • Own R&D department
  • The production uses all 6 known technologies for production glass and 12 basic manufacturing technologies of metal products,
  • including casting, deep drawing and rolling, spark-erosion and laser cutting
  • Glass production is located in the “Russian Murano” – the town of Nikolsk, where the tradition of glassmaking carefully preserved
  • since 1764
  • The presence of more than 13 000 exclusive molds for glass products and over 1,000 unique molds for metal
  • High production flexibility allows to create unique products for projects


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Contact Information:
AO “Eletech factory”
Phone: +7 (8412) 93-06-06, +7 (916) 671-12-53
Rafek Aksyanov

ZAO “Nikolsky Lighting Glass Factory”
Phone: +7 (84165) 4-28-87, +7 (903) 164-56-29
Andrey Perevozchikov

«Karkas Komplekt» – the modern wooden ceiling and roof system based on the I-beam with stiffener


roof«Karkas Komplekt» offers a modern wooden ceiling and roof system based on the I-beam with stiffener of OSB produced at its own production facility.

«Karkas Komplekt» in the market for over ten years and is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of wooden I-beams in Russia. The company mission is to promote to the international market the Canadian production technologies wooden i-beams, control and improvement of the quality of the design. For this «Karkas Komplekt» use Canadian technology and materials acquired only from the best Russian and foreign manufacturers. All products are certified and has successfully passed all tests for durability, it has proved to be one of the most tough and reliable hardwood floors in construction. Moreover, the products undergo a triple rejection before the customer will receive the order.
The production is located in the Moscow region, two kilometers from the city of Istra Russia. Company have a large inventory that gives you the opportunity to pick up the goods in the shortest possible time. We pay great attention to our customers and provide full advice and support at all stages of work.

beamsFor many years the company «Karkas Komplekt» produces wooden I-beam. To create beams company uses dry planed lumber or LVL beams, and OSB – 10 mm melamine glue AkzoNobel. The maximum length of beams: 8 meters, which allows you to make floor decks without the use of supports.
Each linear metre of the beam is checked by specialists so the quality of the beams is one of the most reliable in Russia.
«Karkas Komplekt» take full responsibility for the products manufactured.

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Contact Information:
Ltd. “KarkasKomplekt”
Moscow, 125080, Volokolamsk Highway, 1, pp 1,
5th floor, office 515.
Separate subdivision:
143540, RUSSIA, Moscow region,
Istra district, c / o Lucinschi, d.Vysokovo.
Tel: +7-499-158-0343
Head of sales department: Glotov Alexander

VisionLabs: visual recognition software and solutions for finance, retail, video surveillance and security sectors


visionlabsimgVisionLabs is a world-leading visual recognition company develops software and solutions for finance, retail, video surveillance and security sectors.

VisionLabs was founded in 2012 and nowadays is a success in projects with big corporations and governmental institutions worldwide. VisionLabs products: software and cloud service for clients’ face recognition.

VisionLabs create technologies, which change day-to-day world, make it a more comfortable and secure place to live. Company mission mission is to bring the future, where modern technologies will take charge of the service functions and will give the person more time for self-improvement and personal growth.

VisionLabs is officially one of the top three world’s best face recognition technologies, according to University of Massachusetts (LFW benchmark)

  • More than 25 banks from TOP-50 in Russia and CIS are using VisionLabs face recognition technology directly and through Equifax credit Bureau
  • VisionLabs Face Engine is super robust due to training on huge database of 70 000 000 real life images
  • VisionLabs Luna is 22% ahead of the nearest competitor in terms of quality of the face recognition for the financial sector
  • VisionLabs face recognition technology is using more than 500 000 digital cameras daily in Russia and CIS countries
  • 46 000 is a number of digital cameras in the Bank integrated with VisionLabs face recognition technology within one of the largest banks of VTB Group Russia
  • 2 Average time (2 seconds) required by Visionlabs face recognition technology to complete the full cycle of verification and identification of a Bank customer

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Contact information:
LLC «VisionLabs»
Russia, 129110, Moscow
st. Shchepkin, 51/4, building 1
Phone: +7 (499) 399 3361
E-mail: info (at)

“Len OK” LLC – production of unrefined linseed oil

фото_презентация льняного масла22The company “Len OK” is based in Nizhny Novgorod region, Russian Federation is a producer of unrefined cold-pressed flaxseed oil. The company is one of the first explorers which established production and mass-distribution of flaxseed oil in Russia.

Flaxseed oil under the brand name “Vasileva Sloboda” (Chkalovsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) is presented on the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

The company was founded in 1994. Its original name wasAOZT LEN. Since 1995, company has been producing flaxseed oil and varnish. In the same year company began to cooperate with the V.N. Orekhovich Research Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of RAMS.

The Institute developed products that were herbal substitutes for cod liver oil with a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. The Institute manufactured the first machine that produces flaxseed oilsuitable fora long-term storage. It produced flaxseed oil by cold pressing, which allowedkeepingall health properties of the product. Next years brought improvement of the production technology and upgrade of the equipment.

The company “Len OK” and the Patent Research Institute of Biomedical Chemistry got patent on invention No. 2219784, priority of 06.03.2001, “Flaxseed oil suitable for food and amethod of its production.”

The company is one of the pioneers who gave impetus to the production and mass distribution of flaxseed oil in Russia. Today, flaxseed oil under brand name VasilievaSloboda (made in Chkalovsk, Nizhniy Novgorod Region) is presentinshops across Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Apart from flaxseed oil, our company producescamelineoil, mustard oil, flax seeds (brown and white), flax meal (linseed cake), grainsfor germination (wheat), the grain for brewing.All manufactured products are certified and meet requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union.

The company has its own production laboratory conducting physicochemical tests of both incoming raw products and finished ones. These factors allow company to produce environmentally friendly and healthy products. The products have been on the market for more than 20 years.

The product has also been approved by Russian Certification Authority and fulfills all the requirements set by Eurasian Customs Union (TR CU Declaration of Conformity № RU Д-RU.АГ78.В.09248 of December 3rd, 2013; ISO certificate 22000-2005 № ST.RU.0001.M0008488).

High quality of the products, excellent taste and unique health properties that are obtained due to:

  • Implementation of a patented pressing technology and a thorough quality management system during all production phases;
  • Raw materials that undergo a thorough incoming inspection in an in-house laboratory;
  • Pressing process of raw materials for linseed production that is carried out on a specially designed equipment which has no analogues. With the help of the exclusive equipment we can use a unique pressing technology for oil production developed and patented in cooperation with the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of RAMS. Patent number 2219784 “Linseed oil suitable for human consumption, and the method of its production”
  • Linseed oil produced using this method does not acidify for a long time and preserves its health properties for more than 8 months. That is what makes the oil produced by the company “LEN OK” so different to the oil analogues on both Russian and European markets.

Thanks to the excellent taste and unique health properties the company’s products have been in high demand and popular on the market for more than 20 years.
High quality linseed oil is prepackaged in dark glass bottles (of 0,25L).

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Contact Information:
The Company «LEN OK»
Address: 606541, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod Region,
Chkalovsk, Lesnaya St., 6
Tel: +7 (495) 979 24 57, +7 (495) 916 22 57