«Metallokonstruktsiya» – Manufacturer of metal road and bridge safety barriers, corrugated metal pipes and structures, lighting poles, high must poles, etc.

Logotip KTCJSC CTC METALLOKONSTRUKTSIYA – Manufacturer of metal road and bridge safety barriers, corrugated metal pipes and structures, lighting poles, high must poles, etc.

Metal structures: 10,000 tons per mensem
Company’s profile: 650/160/490
JSC CTC Metallokonstruktsiya
A center for development and implementation of a wide range of technical and engineering solutions employed substantially in all industries.
JSC CTC Metallokonstruktsiya was incorporated in 1979 pursuant to Order No.45 of the Ministry of Housing and Building of the USSR of February 2, 1979. Pursuant to Order No.146-p of the Directorate for Housing and Building of Ulyanovsk of the Ministry of Housing and Building of the USSR of March 14, 1979 Metallokonstruktsiya Metalworking Plant was established as part of Zhelezobeton Production Industrial Association.
Nowadays, the Company is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of metal structures:
1. Metal restraining side bridge barriers for vehicles with retaining capacity varying from 130 to 720 kJ.
2. Metal lighting poles, high mast poles and lightning dischargers.
3. Pedestrian restraining and limiting barriers.
4. Faceted and angle rolled metal utility poles.
5. Railway contact line structures.
6. Metal corrugated structures with the outside diameter varying from 0.8 to 25 m (crinkles: 130×32.5 mm; 150×50 mm; 200×55 mm; 381×142 mm).
7. Spiral helical corrugated metal tubes for culverts (OD varying from 500 to 3,500 mm).

• Up-to-date rolling and bending machines
• Automated sheet steel length and cross cutting lines
• Plasma cutters
• Longitudinal welding robot-aided machines
• Tandem of hydraulic presses with the capacity of 2,400 tons (capable of bending metal supports up to 20 mm in thickness)
• Processing lines designed to produce metal corrugated structures (crinkles: 130×32.5 mm; 150×50 mm; 200×55 mm; 381×142 mm)
• Own galvanizing plant with a 13-ton bath and output up to 300 tons of products a day; another galvanizing plant is now being designed and entering its closing stage
• Etc.
All structures produced by the Company are tested for safety and compliance with applicable specifications through numerous field tests at a dedicated site. Nowadays, over 150 successful tests have been completed covering retaining structures by JSC CTC Metallokonstruktsiya.
The entire range of products by JSC CTC Metallokonstruktsiya is duly certified (i.e. certificates of compliance, certificates issued by the Customs Union, certificates of compliance with industry standards and technical specifications, testing certificates, approvals issued by the competent federal authorities etc) as provided by applicable rules and regulations.

Contact information:
Address: 22B Moskovskoye Shaussee, Ulyanovsk, 432042
Tel. +7 (8422) 40-71-03
E-mail: info@ktc.ru
Web: http://www.ktc.ru/
Official accounts:

Sibur Group – producer of transparent films

Biaxplen HGHL

Heat sealable transparent BOPP film with low coefficient of friction and
low heat sealing threshold for high-speed packaging machines.
For high quality rotogravure and flexographic printing and lamination.

• A wide range of heat sealing;
• contains slip-antistatic and antiblocking additives;
• excellent optical properties;
• good mechanical properties;
• intended for contact with food;
• both side low coefficient of friction;
• without coatings and primers.

• High quality solvent based rotogravure and flexographic printing;
• solvent based and solvent free lamination with polyurethane adhesives;
• manufacture of flexible packaging for food products;
• for high-speed vertical VFFS and horizontal HFFS packaging machines.

Download full Sibur company catalog.

Contact Information:
16/1 Krzhizhanovskogo st., Moscow
Russia 117997
+7 (495) 777 5500

A3 Group – developing and deploying smart grid diagnostics and automation systems

A3 Group consists of three companies, within developing and deploying smart grid diagnostics and automation systems. A cooperation providing you with different solutions in terms of the power system reliability enhancement.
A3 Group has a wide experience within the energy segments, covering design, construction, manufacturing, installation and service. In close cooperation with the customers, our engineers provide optimal solutions that satisfy the requirements from generating and distributive power organizations. The engineers graduated from the best universities of the Russian Federation.
The products meet the highest quality requirements. Company have own research and development department, SMD assembly lines, testing and measuring equipment, mechanical production facility and other manufacturing lines.
A3 Group provides integrated monitoring systems for the overhead lines and underground power cables which are user friendly and include various application modules. This solutions greatly simplify a control engineer’s work. Devices operates in networks with isolated, compensated and solidly grounded neutral.
For reliable operation of equipment of power substations company provides OLTC Position Monitors and OLTC Controllers. Devices can work together with extremely large range of the On-Load Tap Changers and can be used anywhere. Using thit devices you can get position information and control OLTC electrical drives under automatic regulation of power transformers transformation ratio.
The devices have European test protocols and are tested for steady work in difficult conditions in Russian and Swiss laboratories. Solutions realize technologies of the future to make your energy really reliable and effective.
The solutions help to increase reliability of resource companies’ power grids where every minute of equipment downtime bears considerable losses. Company implement its systems in the energy generating companies, gas and gold mining companies. Modern resource processing enterprises, for example, steel factories and refineries with its own power grids, also use own equipment for transformer substations and cable lines monitoring.
About our products:
“A-tree” has developed its own monitoring system of power lines based on fault indicators Lodestar and KOMORSAN monitoring software. To run diagnostics of overhead power lines we use devices which are set on a support (Lodestar IKZ-1 and modifications of Lodestar IKZ-2) or on a control line wire (CL family). To run diagnostics of cable lines company use devices installed in a cell of switchgear (IKZ-K line). Indicators register all types of faults and have high sensitivity and focus for action. The fault indicators signal both visually and also remotely on a controller workplace and by means of SMS and e-mail.
For reliable operation of power substation equipment the “A-tree” offers devices for active and adaptive power networks management. A3 company develop, produce and deliver various electrical and operating devices:
• indicators and regulators of the OLTC drive (UP line),
• transformer drive position sensor (DP line),
• multifunctional measuring devices (FP line),
• complexes and systems of telemechanics (ADEPT and MAKS).
Devices can work together with extremely large range of the On-Load Tap Changers and can be used anywhere. All production supports modern data transmission protocols for connection with the ACSE – IEC 60870-101/104, MODBUS RTU and others. The control part of our software is based on the modern web technologies that allows to get access to devices from any connected to technological network computer or portable gadget.
All devices have European certificates of quality and are tested for steady work in difficult conditions in Russian and Swiss laboratories. The solutions realize technologies of the future to make your energy really reliable and effective.

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Download products catalogue.

Contact Information
Email: office@a3.energy
Tel: +79035391615, +74959911230

FUJO Group – travel support services for VIP clients and delegates

FUJO provides travel support services for VIP clients and delegates to meet their business and leisure needs. Company offers exclusive tailor-made solutions starting from prior travel planning to arrival and departure.
The unique approach is a blend of professional security and quality lifestyle management services. FUJO Security is a Russia based licensed private security company, specialized in executive protection. FUJO Luxury Experts is a service company that undertakes lifestyle management and transportation.
FUJO Security offers special programs for overseas investors, based on business intelligence services, counteragent security checks and project research.
FUJO Security works based on knowledge of local and international laws, experience in business Intelligence, court procedures and GR connections, including regional government investors support and development programs. FUJO believes in the development of a trustful and welcoming investment climate in Russia.

Download full company presentation.

Contact Information:
Tel. 24/7: +7-800-707-79-51
Email: info@fujosecurity.com
109012, Okhotniy Ryad, 2, entr.9, Moscow, Russia

TSMCERAMIC: multi-purpose energy-efficient liquid coatings

tsmceramicslogoTSMCERAMIC is an up-to-date efficient heat insulation materials designed by Russian scientists with the use of nanotechnologies. This material is universal for integrated barrier protection of various types of surfaces.
It has record low coefficient of heat conductivity approved by GOST 7076-87 that distinguishes TSMCERAMIC among other conventional heat insulation materials such as an expanded foam or a glass wool.
Use of this material gives an exceptional energy saving effects thanks to ceramic hollow (vacuum) microspheres contained therein.
main_imgThese microscopic particles form the basis of heat insulation creating a thick barrier and reflect heat energy without absorbing it as other conventional heat insulation materials.
Consistency of TSMCERAMIC resembles a traditional paint allowing easy and quick application of the material to a surface using an airbrush or common brush.
This material is very adhesive and can be applied to all types of surface: from concrete and bricks to wood and plastic. Its thin consistency allows using this material freely to protect various objects of unusual form and design.

Download full TSMCERAMIC presentation.

Contact Information.
Moscow, 16, Sushchevskiy val, 4
Tel: +7(499)301-01-22
Email: info@tsm-g.com
Website: www.tsm-g.com

National University of Science and Technology «Misis»



In 2014 National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” became one of the winners of the competition for financial support from the Federal Government of Russia and is proud to be among 15 university participants of the TOP 5-100 Project to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market http://5top100.ru/

In 2017 within the framework of the TOP 5-100 Project NUST MISiS announces International Open Grant Competition designed to provide support to invite Leading scientists and young scientists with international background.

We will be very grateful if you could help us to circulate information about our Grants.

The reference to detailed information on a competition is given below:

1. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” designed to provide support to a research project implemented under the supervision of leading scientists

2. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” designed to invite Leading scientists for short term joined research projects

3. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» designed to support young scientists (PostDoc) with international background, invited to conduct a joint research project during 2 years (2017-2019)

4. Open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» designed to support young scientists (PostDoc) with international background, invited to postdoctoral position at leading laboratories and infrastructures


Download the flyer with summary information about the competition.



Contact Information:

National University of
Science and Technology «MISiS»
4 Leninsky prospect
119049, Moscow
Help and Assistance:
E-mail: projects@misis.ru
Tel. +7495 638 46 29

Vologda Region


vologdaregThe priority directions of the development of the Vologda Region economic policy are export developing with the increase of share of products with the high degree of processing and raising of the marketability of the Vologda Region production on the foreign markets.

The Vologda Region Government has established the unified structure for business development and support – “The regional center for the business support of the Vologda Region” at the premises of which Export-oriented support Coordination Center.
The core aspects of these entities activity are support and development of the export-oriented enterprises in the region as well as giving assistance to getting local products to international markets and organizing participation for local enterprises in business-missions, exhibitions, forums held on the territory of the countries interested in the Vologda Region product supply.
This catalogue includes businesses of the Vologda Region, producing export-oriented products and maintaining commercial and economic cooperation with more than 120 countries all over the world.

Download catalogue of export companies of the Vologda Region.

Contact Information:
Export Support Centre for
Entrepreneurship of the Vologda Region
Website: www.rcpp35.ru

The «Round table» of the Russian export companies will be held in Düsseldorf 5 May 2017.

besucherstartseiteWe are pleased to invite you to the the «Round table» of the Russian export companies – producers of products for the industry of the Machine building for food and processing industry which will be held in Düsseldorf 5 May 2017.

The date of the Event: May 5, 2017, 11.00-13.00
Location: D-40474, Düsseldorf, Administrative building Messe Duesseldorf, 11th floor, Conference Hall A
Place and time of the meeting: pavilion FG 15-3, 10.30

Interpack 2017 is the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. No other trade fair in the world presents the entire supply chain. At no other trade fair does the packaging industry provide all sectors with tailored solutions and innovative designs based on such a variety of materials, and it is, of course, THE event for the packaging industry.
Processing and packaging. Distribution, consumer protection and protection against product piracy. Protection against contamination, deterioration or damage and for proper handling – the challenges are huge and only an overall approach can meet the demands set by old and new markets, social change, evolving consumer habits and rapidly developing trends and ensure success across the board.

Representatives of Russian engineering companies, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation along with companies in Germany and European countries will participate in the «Round Table» at the Interpack 2017 expo.

You can meet with representatives of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Construction and Road Machinery of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
Representatives of Russian enterprises: Bestrom CJSC, Association «Pakmash», Machine-building plant «Tauras-Fenix», Amata Skale LLC, OOO «Russian Meal», ZAO NPF «Integral +», Class-Engineering LLC, ZAO Kropotkinsky plant MISPP, Association «Rosagromash», JSC «Russian Export Center», German Agricultural Machinery Association, Representatives of
engineering companies in Germany and European countries, Media representatives.

For Registration and more information about the Event please visit www.interpack.com


Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange – Timber commodity market

JSC Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) was registered in May
2008. On 23 of September 2008 the first trading session with diesel and jet fuel was done in petroleum products section of the exchange.
The clearing service is provided by SDCO (JSC) and settlements are done through 8 authorized organizations: Sberbank, VTB, GPB, AlfaBank, Russia, VBRR, Rosselkhozbank, and NSD.
Now SPIMEX is the largest Russian commodity exchange, it organizes derivatives and commodities trading (wide geography of delivery bases) and maintains high standards of customer service. The total number of participants is more than 1900 companies.

Download Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange presentation on Timber commodity market.

Contact Information
JSC Saint Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange
Address: Moscow, Timura Frunze str., 24
Tel.: +7 (495) 380-04-24
Web-Site: www.spimex.com
E-mail: clients@spimex.com
Saint Petersburg:
191119, Marata st. 69-71, lit. А
+7 (812) 449-53-83
664011, Gorkogo st., 36 Б, of. III-12
+7 (395) 248-83-20; +7 (395) 248-83-24
Sovetskaya st. 24 (unit б)
+7 (342) 235-78-48

UNISTEAM – steam generator producer


unisteamimgThe Mission of company is to provide clients with the energy of steam by creating reliable steam generators, which facilitate the extraction of hard-to-reach oil, manufacturing of high quality cement, production of confectionary, milk, bakery, meat, vegetable products and beverages, as well as enhancement of laundry process and different industrial services.
Throughout the years «UNISTEAM» has acquired the reputation of a reliable and responsible business partner and established strong relationship with numerous retail/wholesale sellers in Russian and abroad. «UNISTEAM oilfield steam generator plant» continues its steady growth and further development and always appreciate company partners trust and relentlessly work on mutual benefit.

«UNISTEAM oilfield steam generator plant» LLC designs and manufactures solutions for more than 15 industries in three main categories:
- UNISTEAM-X line: industrial gas and diesel steam generators for food processing, textile and chemical industries;
- UNISTEAM-M line: special equipment for oil and gas industry;
- UNISTEAM-S line: modular heating plants for oil refining and oil extraction industries.
The products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:20015 standards, and are also compliant with European Directive PED 97/23, which allows the procurement of company products to the territory of EU.

Download full company presentation.

Contact Information:
456313, Russia, Chelyabinsk Region,
Miass, Turgoyakskoye Highway, 13/23
Email: export@unisteam.com
phone: +7 (3513) 54 34 54