Limited Liability Company “Paseki Solovyovyh”

“Paseki Solovyovyh” LLC was founded in 2014 and over these years has established itself as a reliable and profitable partner. The company has accumulated vast experience and a large database of beekeeping products suppliers to meet any requests of its customers.

Principles of “Paseki Solovyovyh” LLC:
-a responsibility
-impeccable reputation
-focus on customer satisfaction
-continuous development and improvement
-assistance in the development of beekeeping and improvement of the quality of beekeeping products

Linden honey
The color of honey from the white or light-yellow to greenish. The color difference is due to the fact that this type of bee product can be collected in different regions (there are far East Linden, Bashkir Linden , etc.). Linden gives a light and pleasant honey, sometimes with bitterness but always with a delicate, sweet aftertaste. Aroma of honey sweet, like lime flowers. The value of the fragrant delicacy not only in the inimitable taste, but also in the healthy composition.

Sunflower honey
Тhе honey from sunflower is a light product, having a bright yellow to an amber color, occasionally there is a greenish shade. Taste sensations from sunflower honey are rich. It is sweet, with a slight sourish aftertaste. There may be a tart taste. One more interesting effect – in a throat after it can pinch from time to time a little. The pumped-out sunflower honey quickly enough gets denser. Approximately in 2-3 weeks. During this time in it rather large crystals of yellow or light amber color are formed. But in honeycombs sunflower honey, as well as any other honey keeps liquid consistence much longer.

Polyfloral honey
Polyfloral called the product obtained from the nectar harvested from herbs, plants and trees growing in the same region. Polyfloral honey is collected in summer, from May to the end of August. A variety of nutrients, honey gives an unusual quality. Even with one space it is impossible to assemble a product with the same properties. It depends on flowering time, the presence and proportion of honey plants. The predominant component will give a unique shade of taste and color.

Buckwheat honey
Buckwheat honey has a rich dark color (from dark brown to dark yellow, sometimes with red or purple hues). The smell and taste of buckwheat honey is difficult to confuse with something else. It combines the harmony of tart and sweet taste. Аfter eating honey throat tickling a few. Such honey quickly crystallizes, therefore acquires a non-uniform structure (the form can be fine-grained or coarse-grained).

Beebread – is a bee bread— pollen load, gathered by bees from the flowers of plants, folded and tamped in honeycombs, topped with honey. Flower pollen under the influence of enzymes of saliva of insects, special yeast fungi, beneficial bacteria, with almost complete absence of oxygen molecules, gradually turns into beebread. With the growth of lactic acid in the honeycomb, the pollen is preserved and solidified. Thanks to this process, beebread is considered a more valuable product than pollen (rejuvenation), since the amount of biologically active substances in it is much higher. Scientists have determined that the nutritional values of the product triple the analogous characteristics of pollen. Beebread is a natural antibiotic, superior to honey and pollen several times.

Propolis got its name from the Greek πρόπολις – bee glue, propolis. By means of propolis bees cover the cracks in the hive. Also, with the help of this substance, the beehive entrance is blocked. Beehive entrance is called the entrance to the hive. Sometimes there is a need to close it. Propolis provides closure of honeycombs. This clogging is called comb capping. Propolis has a disinfecting effect on the cells. It provides a sterile state of the hive. If any objects come from the outside, they are covered with propolis as a means of disinfection.
In a bee family, only a couple dozen bees are collecting it. Usually, not more than two hundred grams of propolis is produced by one swarm per season, although some breeds can yield more than four hundred grams of useful substance. From the hive it is extracted with a chisel. By this adaptation, the finished natural product is scraped off the walls and internal partitions of the bee dwelling.

The consistency of propolis depends on temperature, it changes in time. Below 15°C, propolis is hard, brittle; at a higher temperature, especially above 30°C, it becomes plastic, soft. Freshly plucked propolis is sticky, gluey; with time, under the influence of sunlight, hardens and becomes brittle. When heated propolis gradually softens. It becomes fluid usually when passes 64-69°C (no clear temperature boundary is determined).

Contact information:
Limited Liability Company “Paseki Solovyovyh”

Intensive technologies, LLC

«Intensive technologies» LLC.Co. produce an agriculture machines for cattle feeding and keeping under brand «Hozain». During 20 years the company has created on CIS market high level of the demand for its products. «Intensive technologies» are leaders in CIS on produced trailed techniques for agriculture in segment of feeding machines and semi-trailers for agriculture. The company’s share of the market in Russia is more than 25% in its range of the goods. Under trade brand «Hozain» the company produces:
• total mixed ratio mixers of horizontal and vertical types;
• straw blowers for cattle bedding;
• semi-trailers for transportation of agricultural cargoes;
• manure spreaders.

The company is interested in cooperation as with new dialers (Trade Company) who work in their countries and could sell «Intensive technologies’» products in a new market, also in strategic partner who has experience in production of the machines for agriculture and would like to create a joint stock company for production of the machines for agriculture in Russia.
Here below are main advantages for such partner from cooperation with «Intensive technologies»:

1. Increasing of the value of the partner’s sales on CIS territory including EEC countries (Custom union- Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirgizia) on account of coming to new markets and promotion partner’s goods trough our existing dialer’s net.
2. Decreasing of the logistics costs on account of assembling partner’s machines on our production areas.
3. As «Intensive technologies» have production on the territory of Russia that provide to be a participant of various statement programs which support local producers and to get subsidies from government for techniques and machines which «Intensive technologies» produce here.
4. Supporting by the Government of the manufactures in agriculture sphere by huge operator «Rosagroleasing» by the possibility to buy agriculture techniques on exemption terms will increase value of the sales in to Russia.
5. Proximity and accessibility of the Russian market with his potential and availability of the daughter company and dealers net there guaranty of the high level of the sales in this region.

For strategic partner «Intensive technologies» provide opportunity to buy a share in business.


Contact information:

Intensive technologies, LLC Smolyaninova str., h. 5 Russian Federation, 214031, Smolensk tel. / fax (4812) 20 07 28
Anatoly N. Fedyukovich, founder of the group of companies «Hozain»
+375 29 676 12 64
+7 910 727 59 84
+7 916 348 76 76
Yuri O.Lavrov, Deputy Director +7 910 726 84 95

Press-release – International Festival for Business 2018

26-27 June 2018 The Russian Trade Delegation together with the Russian company from Skolkovo – “Motorica/Attilan” attended two important days covering Health & Lifescience and the Creative Industries of the biggest business event in the UK – International Business Festival hosted by Liverpool every two years since 2014.
International Business Festival was structured around 9 high-growth industries along 9 days in a period of 12-28 June 2018 and was designed to boost knowledge, help to make people new connections and give fresh ideas to grow businesses. The Festival was organised under support of the British Government including Department for the International Trade, Innovate UK, Mayor of Liverpool, Invest Liverpool, UK Business Angels Association and other important contributors.
Almost 30 000 buyers, innovators and investors from around the globe attended this year’s event to arm themselves with the insight and knowledge to help their business thrive and meet their next client.
“Motorica/Attilan” as one of the Russian fast growing companies from innovation incubator Skolkovo showed at the Festival their new technologies in prosthetics and new approaches in rehabilitation process. As potentially looking for the expansion to the European market they have also explore new opportunities on the British market in order to find new partners and investors in the UK to develop their project to help injured and disabled people around the world feel much confident. For more information about “Motorica/Attilan” projects please visit following links – and also

Crimean Mriya Resort & Spa wins world’s best leisure hotel award

Mriya Resort & Spa, a five-star hotel complex in the Crimean city of Yalta, was named the best leisure resort of 2017 by the World Travel Awards, the most prestigious awards in the travel & hospitality industry. The year-round hotel with 422 rooms and villas in a property of 270,000 square meters was unveiled on the South Shore of Crimea in 2014 and was designed by renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster, who is responsible for London’s Millennium Bridge, New York’s Hearst Tower and Madrid’s Skyscraper Torre Caja.

Mriya Resort & Spa features private indoor and outdoor pools, billiards hall and bowling alley, cinemas, several restaurants as well as one of the most complete spa offerings in Europe. The hotel is also equipped with a medical, fitness and congress center. Its construction cost its sole owner Sberbank (Russia’s largest bank) around $300 million. According to Russia Today the owners want to build a winery, a winemaking school, a wine restaurant and a cheese factory near the hotel.
Grant Babasyan, the resort’s director told Vedomosti daily that more than 100,000 guests stayed there last year and the hotel had an 83 percent occupancy rate.

Mriya Resort & Spa has previously won a number of European awards, including the title of Europe’s leading new resort, but never an international award until now. Its competitors in the category world’s leading leisure resort were the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, the Italian Forte Village Resort and Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort in Egypt.

Established in 2006, World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 300 000 international travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. The 11th World Luxury Hotel Awards ceremony took place in Switzerland in early December In all, 800 hotels were nominated for the 2017 awards in 99 categories.

Norman Foster Manchester
Born in 1935 in Manchester, England, Sir Norman Foster studied architecture at the University of Manchester and later earned a scholarship to Yale University’s School of Architecture, earning his master’s in 1962. He is known for sleek, modern designs of steel and glass with innovations in contouring and inner space management. In 1999, he was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize of architecture

Sberbank in 1841
Sberbank was established in 1841 and is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow. The company was known as “Sberbank of Russia” until 2015. It services over 137 million retail clients and over 1.1 million corporate clients in 22 countries of presence. Sberbank today is the only Russian bank featuring in the World’s Top 50 Biggest Banks.


The Russian City Yalta:



Press-release TechXLR8 2018

12-14 June 2018 a number of Russian high-tech companies from Skolkovo under support of the Russian Trade Delegation in the UK and the Russian Export Centre took part in TechXLR8 the anchor technological event of the London Tech Week. The event brought together 8 conferences (5G World, Internet of Things World Europe, Cloud & DevOps World, AR & VR World, Digital CX World, Blockchain 360 and others), 300 exhibitors, live demonstrations and numerous networking opportunities and services to 15,000 visitors.
The Russian companies Anetika, Motorica, ASKM Progress LTD, Sarafan Tech, Oz Forensics and 3D-TEK under one roof of Skolkovo showed their new high-tech achievements in software and enterprise systems, myoelectric and body-powered upper limb functional prostheses, innovative electrical products, platform for digital documents and images authenticity recognition, biometric identification and protection against digital fraud, innovative technologies of optical interpolation and counterapeture sound, space and aviation radioelectronic equipment, 3D biometrical foot-footwear interaction.
The main purpose of that first made experience was to show Russian innovation products in different high-technological areas to the UK and international participants and also to attract foreign investments and to find new partners in order to develop their promising projects.

Press-release IFSEC International 2018

The Trade Delegation of Russia in the UK took part in the IFSEC International 2018 which was held on the 19-21 June at the London’s ExCel exhibition center.
IFSEC International is Europe’s leading security event and the only global stage committed to co-creating the future of integrated security. It is the critical, measured response to a world of ever-evolving threats, inviting every vertical of the security industry to forge the global agenda.
With over 550 exhibitors and more than 27000 visitors from around the world under one roof, the three-day event was a great opportunity to learn about new products and equipment, hear from inspirational speakers and meet with like-minded professionals from across the world.
Alongside the exhibition on several stages including Keynote Arena industry experts presented a comprehensive programme of seminar sessions, technical talks, live demonstrations, and topical discussions on current industry issues and pioneering technology.
A dedicated area for Borders & Infrastructure Expo including the Attack Testing Zone, the Drone Zone and the Government Pavilion focused on products, solutions and learnings for large scale security issues faced by border control, critical national infrastructure, transport, healthcare and key strategic assets.
This year 10 Russian companies under support of the Trade Delegation of Russia in the UK and the Russian Export Center presented their products and solutions under one roof. Those include Gefest Group, Innovative Fire Safety Systems, AxxonSoft, KeyGuard, NSGate, Rielta, SaveTool, SPECTRON, StilSoft and Trassir. A series of seminars about opportunities, problems and solutions of entering the UK market were arranged by the Russian Trade Delegation and the Russian Export Center for the Russian companies with representatives of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce and UK’s Department for International Trade.

Press-release Infosecurity Europe 2018

Representatives of the Trade Delegation of Russia in the UK visited The Infosecurity Europe 2018 which took place on the 5-7 June at the Olympia exhibition centre in London. Infosecurity Europe is Europe’s number one information security event with over 400 exhibitors showcasing the most diverse range of products and services. Growing by 50% over the last 2 years, the show is Europe’s largest gathering of information security professionals.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning – rather than Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation – emerged as a key theme of the Infosecurity Europe Conference in 2018.

This year leading exhibitors including Kaspersky Lab, Group-IB, Domino’s Pizza, GSK Technology, KPN Telecom, Marks & Spencer, Pinsent Masons, Ramsay Healthcare UK, Sainsbury’s, The Analogies Project, Trainline, Vodafone and Williams Grand Prix Engineering and others presented their solutions to more than 19,500 visitors during three days of the show.

Kaspersky Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of security solutions and services to fight digital threats.

Group-IB is one of the global leaders in providing high fidelity Threat Intelligence and best in class anti fraud solutions. Since 2003, the company has been active in the field of computer forensics and information security, protecting the largest international companies against financial losses and reputational risks. Group-IB is recommended by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

A host of senior cybersecurity professionals were taking part in Infosecurity Europe’s Keynote Stage conference programme, to discuss and debate the latest trends and hot topics in information security – at a time cyber risk is more than ever on the global agenda.

The programme was addressing the challenges of building strong cybersecurity strategies and tactics to protect an organisation’s critical information assets.

About russian company «Eastwind»

«Eastwind» is a dynamically growing company, one of the Russian’s biggest developers and suppliers of software solutions for the telecoms market. Company history began back in 1997 when cellular telecommunications in Russia were making their first steps, and the demand for dedicated software solutions was great. Billing System was the first key product which «Eastwind» launched in Russia.
Today, «Eastwind» continue creating new products and working with operators from many countries to improve the experience of their subscribers amid the violent competition and shrinking revenues from the traditional voice services.
«Eastwind» are focused on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing. That is why the company included in their product portfolio platforms to improve marketing efficiency, mobile apps and experience improving services, along with the classical products to support a Telco and traditional VAS solutions business.

Eastwind’s product portfolio includes the following product lines:

Marketing Lab solutions
MMP_Expanding borders of marketing
Smart Retail_Mobile app

Big Data Planet solutions

Digital Future solutions

Message Toolkit solutions
SMS Center Product Description
SMS Firewall

Smart Experience solutions
Phantom Call
Freedom of communication

OSS/BSS Kaleidoscope solutions

Special economic zone “TITANIUM VALLEY”

“TITANIUM VALLEY” – is a special economic zone (SEZ) of industrial / production type in Sverdlovsk region with special legal status and preferential economic conditions for national and international enterpreneurs.


SEZ “Titanium Valley” has entered class “A” group of industrial parks with a total score of 22.86 points. Leaders of the rating – technopolis “Himgrad” and SEZ “Alabuga”, both located in Tatarstan, were scored at 28.71 points and 27.60 points respectively. 85 major sites were evaluated in 2018: greenfield projects with a total area of minimum 40 hectares, brownfield projects with a total area of minimum 5 hectares.

This is a second rating of investment attractiveness of parks and SEZ compiled by analytical center “Expert”. Methodologically, projects were evaluated on 28 parameters. Parameters were divided into 6 large groups: “Services and management”, “Location”, “Cost of resources”, “Benefits”, “Working with residents” and “Region of location”.

SEZ “Titanium Valley” entered the TOP-10 sites in category “Working with residents”, receiving the same score as SEZ “Alabuga” and private SEZ “Stupino Quadrat”. “Titanium Valley” also entered the TOP-10 parks and SEZs with cheap resources.

In 2017, “Titanium Valley” was included in the annual rating of world’s free economic zones “Global Free Zones of the Year” by Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence (FDI) magazine (division of Financial Times). In total, the magazine distinguished 57 free zones worldwide.

The Ural SEZ got recognition in two categories. It is recognized as the only free zone in the world specializing in metallurgy. In addition to that, “Titanium Valley” is recognized among the zones, which managed to attract largest investors.

Oficial website:

Russian high-tech companies at London Tech Week 2018

12-14 June 2018 London Tech Week will host 9 high-technological companies from Russia. Joined together for anchor event in technologies they will showcase their best innovative products at TechXLR8.

The Russian participants are from Skolkovo Community: Anetika, Texel, Motorica, Ecolight Ltd., Oz Forensics, 3D-TEK, ASKM Progress LTD, TryFit, ThermoElectrica. The companies are engaged in software and enterprise systems, myoelectric and body-powered upper limb functional prostheses, innovative electrical products, platform for digital documents and images authenticity recognition, biometric identification and protection against digital fraud, innovative technologies of optical interpolation and counterapeture sound, space and aviation radioelectronic equipment, 3D biometrical foot-footwear interaction.

The Russian business-mission is organised by the Russian Export Center in cooperation with the Skolkovo Foundation and the Russian Trade Delegation in the UK.

TechXLR8 is London Tech Week’s headline exhibition. This event combines 8 conferences, 300 exhibitors, dozen of live demonstrations and networking opportunities. Promoting future tech, realigning business strategy and forging collaboration, TechXLR8 explores how digital transformation is changing and how business gets done. London Tech Week’s mainstream exhibition and conference is elevating the transformational impact of technology on industry, lives and society.

TechXLR8 will take place at ExCeL in London on 12-14 June 2018. For more information on this event please visit the website: .
In case of your interest to get in touch with the Russian companies please send us an e-mail: .

Russian companies