Food industry: Distillery “Spirtovyi Combinat”

Dear Sirs, State enterprise “Spirtovyi combinat” – the largest producer of ethyl alcohol in Russia market – offers a unique opportunity to purchase high quality alcohol-containing products on a stable contractual basis. In any required volume. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the normative and technical documentation, as well… Continue reading

Construction: Management development company “ARGON”

The company Argon leads projects in the building of commercial and industrial estate Borovlevo-1 and industrial estate Borovlevo-2. The estates are placed in the immediate vicinity of the city Tver, on the crossing of the federal highway M-10 and the Burashev highway. The total area of the lots is 130… Continue reading

Coal industry: Business proposal from “Alfa-Coal” Company

Alfa-Coal Company Ltd. From Novokuznetsk, Russia. The aim of the Alfa – Coal, Ltd. is searching for foreign partners. Alfa-Coal Company offers you constant deliveries of molded coal. Coal briquettes are produced of high-quality black coal from Kuznetsk (South-West Siberia) coalfield. Ranks of coal are T, SS, and their mixtures… Continue reading

Diascan – Technical Diagnostics Centre

At present Diascan is Russia’s largest provider of quality services in technical inspection of pipelines and tanks in the CIS countries. Over the period from 2001 through 2011 Technical Diagnostics Centre, in AK Transneft alone, has inspected by all types of inspection tools about 390 thousand km of main oil… Continue reading


DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR EARLY DETECTION IN OPHTHALMOLOGY AND ALLIED MEDICAL FIELDS One of the research techniques in ophthalmology is perimetry (study of patient’s visual fields) whose results provide information concerning more than just ophthalmologic diseases (absence of disease) but also information for neurosurgery, endocrinology, neurology… Continue reading