Limited Liability Company “Paseki Solovyovyh”

“Paseki Solovyovyh” LLC was founded in 2014 and over these years has established itself as a reliable and profitable partner. The company has accumulated vast experience and a large database of beekeeping products suppliers to meet any requests of its customers.

Principles of “Paseki Solovyovyh” LLC:
-a responsibility
-impeccable reputation
-focus on customer satisfaction
-continuous development and improvement
-assistance in the development of beekeeping and improvement of the quality of beekeeping products

Linden honey
The color of honey from the white or light-yellow to greenish. The color difference is due to the fact that this type of bee product can be collected in different regions (there are far East Linden, Bashkir Linden , etc.). Linden gives a light and pleasant honey, sometimes with bitterness but always with a delicate, sweet aftertaste. Aroma of honey sweet, like lime flowers. The value of the fragrant delicacy not only in the inimitable taste, but also in the healthy composition.

Sunflower honey
Тhе honey from sunflower is a light product, having a bright yellow to an amber color, occasionally there is a greenish shade. Taste sensations from sunflower honey are rich. It is sweet, with a slight sourish aftertaste. There may be a tart taste. One more interesting effect – in a throat after it can pinch from time to time a little. The pumped-out sunflower honey quickly enough gets denser. Approximately in 2-3 weeks. During this time in it rather large crystals of yellow or light amber color are formed. But in honeycombs sunflower honey, as well as any other honey keeps liquid consistence much longer.

Polyfloral honey
Polyfloral called the product obtained from the nectar harvested from herbs, plants and trees growing in the same region. Polyfloral honey is collected in summer, from May to the end of August. A variety of nutrients, honey gives an unusual quality. Even with one space it is impossible to assemble a product with the same properties. It depends on flowering time, the presence and proportion of honey plants. The predominant component will give a unique shade of taste and color.

Buckwheat honey
Buckwheat honey has a rich dark color (from dark brown to dark yellow, sometimes with red or purple hues). The smell and taste of buckwheat honey is difficult to confuse with something else. It combines the harmony of tart and sweet taste. Аfter eating honey throat tickling a few. Such honey quickly crystallizes, therefore acquires a non-uniform structure (the form can be fine-grained or coarse-grained).

Beebread – is a bee bread— pollen load, gathered by bees from the flowers of plants, folded and tamped in honeycombs, topped with honey. Flower pollen under the influence of enzymes of saliva of insects, special yeast fungi, beneficial bacteria, with almost complete absence of oxygen molecules, gradually turns into beebread. With the growth of lactic acid in the honeycomb, the pollen is preserved and solidified. Thanks to this process, beebread is considered a more valuable product than pollen (rejuvenation), since the amount of biologically active substances in it is much higher. Scientists have determined that the nutritional values of the product triple the analogous characteristics of pollen. Beebread is a natural antibiotic, superior to honey and pollen several times.

Propolis got its name from the Greek πρόπολις – bee glue, propolis. By means of propolis bees cover the cracks in the hive. Also, with the help of this substance, the beehive entrance is blocked. Beehive entrance is called the entrance to the hive. Sometimes there is a need to close it. Propolis provides closure of honeycombs. This clogging is called comb capping. Propolis has a disinfecting effect on the cells. It provides a sterile state of the hive. If any objects come from the outside, they are covered with propolis as a means of disinfection.
In a bee family, only a couple dozen bees are collecting it. Usually, not more than two hundred grams of propolis is produced by one swarm per season, although some breeds can yield more than four hundred grams of useful substance. From the hive it is extracted with a chisel. By this adaptation, the finished natural product is scraped off the walls and internal partitions of the bee dwelling.

The consistency of propolis depends on temperature, it changes in time. Below 15°C, propolis is hard, brittle; at a higher temperature, especially above 30°C, it becomes plastic, soft. Freshly plucked propolis is sticky, gluey; with time, under the influence of sunlight, hardens and becomes brittle. When heated propolis gradually softens. It becomes fluid usually when passes 64-69°C (no clear temperature boundary is determined).

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Limited Liability Company “Paseki Solovyovyh”

The Radisson Royal Hotel, St Petersburg – Europe’s Leading Landmark Hotel 2018 at the World Travel Awards

The Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg in Russia was awarded with Europe’s Leading Landmark Hotel 2018 at the World Travel Awards on 30 June.

The hotel opened its doors in 2001 as the first Radisson hotel in the city of St. Petersburg, and is very proud of its history – especially that of the Saigon Bar, located at Nevsky Prospect in the heart of St. Petersburg. The cafe hosted many famous visitors like Queen Victoria and King Gustav from Sweden as well as some of Russia’s greatest artists and historical figures, Mikhail Glinka the composer and Iosif Brodsky the Nobel Prize Winner.

The Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg underwent a complete refurbishment in 2017, where all guest rooms and corridors were redesigned and modernized. However, it still preserves some of the original heritage throughout its current interior. The hotel accommodates business or leisure travelers who like to enjoy a taste of luxury while residing in the city center of St. Petersburg.

“It’s a great honor and fantastic recognition to receive this award on behalf of the team, who are dedicating their efforts to provide personalized Memorable Moments to each guest,” said Claude Bulté, General Manager and District Director Northern Russia, Georgia and Beijing.

St. Petersburg is a city with a long, rich history and heritage, and we’re all proud to be a part of this with the Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg.


Crimean Mriya Resort & Spa wins world’s best leisure hotel award

Mriya Resort & Spa, a five-star hotel complex in the Crimean city of Yalta, was named the best leisure resort of 2017 by the World Travel Awards, the most prestigious awards in the travel & hospitality industry. The year-round hotel with 422 rooms and villas in a property of 270,000 square meters was unveiled on the South Shore of Crimea in 2014 and was designed by renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster, who is responsible for London’s Millennium Bridge, New York’s Hearst Tower and Madrid’s Skyscraper Torre Caja.

Mriya Resort & Spa features private indoor and outdoor pools, billiards hall and bowling alley, cinemas, several restaurants as well as one of the most complete spa offerings in Europe. The hotel is also equipped with a medical, fitness and congress center. Its construction cost its sole owner Sberbank (Russia’s largest bank) around $300 million. According to Russia Today the owners want to build a winery, a winemaking school, a wine restaurant and a cheese factory near the hotel.
Grant Babasyan, the resort’s director told Vedomosti daily that more than 100,000 guests stayed there last year and the hotel had an 83 percent occupancy rate.

Mriya Resort & Spa has previously won a number of European awards, including the title of Europe’s leading new resort, but never an international award until now. Its competitors in the category world’s leading leisure resort were the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, the Italian Forte Village Resort and Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort in Egypt.

Established in 2006, World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 300 000 international travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. The 11th World Luxury Hotel Awards ceremony took place in Switzerland in early December In all, 800 hotels were nominated for the 2017 awards in 99 categories.

Norman Foster Manchester
Born in 1935 in Manchester, England, Sir Norman Foster studied architecture at the University of Manchester and later earned a scholarship to Yale University’s School of Architecture, earning his master’s in 1962. He is known for sleek, modern designs of steel and glass with innovations in contouring and inner space management. In 1999, he was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize of architecture

Sberbank in 1841
Sberbank was established in 1841 and is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company headquartered in Moscow. The company was known as “Sberbank of Russia” until 2015. It services over 137 million retail clients and over 1.1 million corporate clients in 22 countries of presence. Sberbank today is the only Russian bank featuring in the World’s Top 50 Biggest Banks.


The Russian City Yalta:



About russian company «Eastwind»

«Eastwind» is a dynamically growing company, one of the Russian’s biggest developers and suppliers of software solutions for the telecoms market. Company history began back in 1997 when cellular telecommunications in Russia were making their first steps, and the demand for dedicated software solutions was great. Billing System was the first key product which «Eastwind» launched in Russia.
Today, «Eastwind» continue creating new products and working with operators from many countries to improve the experience of their subscribers amid the violent competition and shrinking revenues from the traditional voice services.
«Eastwind» are focused on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing. That is why the company included in their product portfolio platforms to improve marketing efficiency, mobile apps and experience improving services, along with the classical products to support a Telco and traditional VAS solutions business.

Eastwind’s product portfolio includes the following product lines:

Marketing Lab solutions
MMP_Expanding borders of marketing
Smart Retail_Mobile app

Big Data Planet solutions

Digital Future solutions

Message Toolkit solutions
SMS Center Product Description
SMS Firewall

Smart Experience solutions
Phantom Call
Freedom of communication

OSS/BSS Kaleidoscope solutions

Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, 12-14 April 2018, Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (12-14 April 2018, Krasnoyarsk) is one of the most significant and anticipated economic events of the year not only in the Krasnoyarsk region, but also in Russia. The uniqueness of the Forum is in the creation of platform for discussion and constructive dialogue between business, government and society. The Forum is famous for the intensity of occurring discussions. It is here, where the bank of anti-crisis ideas was created during the financial crisis.
To see business programme press here.
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Welcome words of Acting Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Mr. A.V.Uss:

“Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum has always been a place for substantive, in-depth discussions on Russia’s economic development strategies. The Forum has been successfully introducing new ideas on how to boost electric power industry, metallurgical industry, oil production and wood processing along with space industry, scientific research and technology. The Forum has made a valuable contribution to creating and maintaining public private partnership, discussing the region’s development trends and moving forward new concepts of Russia’s economy growth.

A number of landmark decisions on launching large scale investment projects have been made at the venues of the Forum. Now we are witnessing the results such as Lower Angara project execution, oil and gas fields development in the northern territories, renovation of city infrastructure in the capital of Winter Universiade-2019 and construction of the largest Siberian airport.

The 15th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum “Russia 2018-2024: Implementing the Potential” will again address federal agenda issues. The 2018 is the year of upcoming presidential election, the year when the country’s development priorities must be defined. National prosperity can only be reached by boosting investment projects as well as making efficient use of human, scientific and economic resources of Russia. Thus, we can shape a future worth living for us and our descendants.

Siberia and Krasnoyarsk Krai in particular are notable for their unique competitive strengths that have already helped to put into practice lots of strategically significant concepts of the country’s development framework. Today, Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum is expected to come up with new breakthrough initiatives that will determine future development of the region on the federal scale. Being a moving force of the Yenisei Economic Zone it is able to become the core of the Eastern vector of Russia.

Economic issues relevant to Siberian macroregion are surely considered to be the matters of particular importance for the whole country. Leading experts, businessmen and government officials will gather to exchange views on such significant projects as the regional scientific and technological roadmap, formation of new economic growth areas in Siberia and sustainable transport systems of the future.

The attendees will also discuss how the government can support business community, how to introduce advanced technologies into metropolitan areas and use the experience of leading manufacturing enterprises in protecting environment.

Great attention is to be focused on economic cooperation with Southeast Asia and Euro-Asian Partnership members.

I wish all the participants and guests of the Forum to obtain great results at the discussion venues. I hope the decisions taken during the talks will pave the way for a breakthrough in the economy of Siberia and the entire country.”

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The Association of clusters and technology parks with support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation published an English version of its SEZ Business Navigator, which analyses the investment attractiveness of the Russian Special economic zones and ranks them.

According to Elmira Akhmeeva, Deputy Director of the Department for Regional Development of the Ministry, an English version of the Business Navigator lets not only Russian, but also foreign investors choose the most investment attractive areas for business development.

You can download it here
You can also see the SEZ production.

The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF), April 19-21, 2018

The Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) is an annual business event held in the Crimea (Yalta). Along with the Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum and the Sochi Investment Forum it is one of the four biggest economic forum held in Russia. The forum is sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Crimea and the Yalta International Economic Forum Fund with the support of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.
The YIEF has established itself as an effective international venue for discussing socio-economic development issues with a topical agenda that addresses the modern challenges facing the world economy.
Main theme of the forthcoming Yalta International Economic Forum will be “Global Future. Future of Russia”. Meaningful dialogue on global economic affairs, adjusted for modern geopolitical, social and cultural environment provides the Forum to be inclusively diversified and comprehensible, transforming the collective intelligence into dynamic, contextualized knowledge. As foreign honour guests of the event will be invited representatives of Austria and Germany. Forum’s debates will focus on such issues as mastering tools of digital economy, international cooperation for territorial development, investments in high-tech industries, future power economy, preservation of cultural heritage, human well-being, ecology and many others.
Each year the Forum is attended by high-level Russian government officials, international experts, influential international and Russian businesspeople and economists, representatives of major business organisations and other opinion leaders. An important YIEF focus is the search for ground-breaking approaches and instruments to solve the tasks of social and economic development and discussion of the best world business practices. The discussions are built around the search for answers to modern challenges spanning a wide range of topics: the creation of a competitive, diversified modern market economy that does not depend on the export of natural resources, effective interaction between business and government, the development of competitive innovative production and modern technologies, tapping the human potential, and support of small and medium-sized businesses. International and inter-regional cooperation also looms large on the agenda.
The YIEF is the main showcase of investment opportunities and the investment potential of the Crimea. An important feature of the region is that it is the only Free Economic Zone on the territory of the Crimean Federal District. An exhibition of the CFD investment projects is a permanent feature of the YIEF. Would-be investors have a chance to talk with officials, including the head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, who chairs the YIEF Organising Committee. By tradition, the third day of the Forum is devoted to meetings between the regional government representatives and the business community.

Apply for participation

History Facts

More than 2200 people took part in the YIEF-2017, including 200 foreign participants from 46 countries. The biggest delegation of the Forum was from Italy – more than 50 people represented it.
The Programme of the YIEF-2017 featured 35 business events: 25 topical discussions, grand session on construction development and key event of the Forum – the Plenary Session, divided into 3 blocks: “World”, “Country” and “Human”. The part “World” was devoted to analyzing economic environment in Russia through the eyes of international businesspersons. Participants of the Plenary session considered the place of Russia in the world economy, collaboration experience with the RF as business partners and discussed opportunities for foreign investors in Russia.
Block “Country” featured outlook of an innovative economy formation in Russia, complying with demands of future. “Human” part disclosed social and environmental issues.
Agreement and memorandums on the total sum of 100 billion rubles were concluded within the YIEF-2017.
YIEF-2017, which took place on April 14-16, 2016 was attended by 1100 people: politicians, business community and economic experts. Among them, there were 70 foreign participants from 26 countries.
II YIEF resulted in 12 investment agreements for the total of 70 billion rubles and a new security mechanism for foreign investors, willing to work in Crimea. The biggest investment agreement in the newest history of Crimea was concluded on the sidelines of the Forum – on construction of a new airport terminal building in Simferopol international airport. The sum of investments is about 32 billion rubles.

600 people attended YIEF-2016 from 13 countries of the world. 5 new residents of free trade area of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol were declared within the Forum. The participants of the Forum also reached the agreements on receiving residential status for 33 subjects. The number of a free trade area reached 850.


Head Office in Yalta
Telephone: +7 (365) 423 06 90

Yalta International Economic Forum
Information Centre
+7 (812) 643 07 09 (Saint-Petesburg)

DALAGRO & FOOD PRODUCTS, 15-17 March 2018, Vladivostok

The 19th International Agriculture and Food Industry Expo “Dalagro & Food Products” will take place at Vladivostok on the 15-17 of March 2018. Dalagro and Food Products Expo offer a comprehensive range of food processing and cutting equipments which are manufactured by applying advanced technologies. The exhibitors find this exhibition to be the perfect business meeting place where the exhibiting companies get an opportunity to establish themselves and create their own brand name. Dalagro and Food Products Expo aims to benefit the mentioned sector by providing the branded range of products which are easy to handle and effortless to install. The attendees will get to see a wide range of economic products which are designed to provide complete satisfaction to the buyers. The event aims to bring the food processing, refining, packaging, storing and exporting sectors to achieve great success. The exhibitors get an opportunity to widen their marketing networks and increase their surplus levels.

Exhibitor Profile

Dalagro and Food Products Expo will exhibit Fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products, Meat and sausage products, Dairy and fat oil products, Fish and seafood, Seaweed products, Cereal products, flour, rice, Premium pastas and whole grain noodles, Sweets, bakery and confectionery, Pickled vegetables and mushrooms, Traditional foods, Natural spices and ingredients, Sauces, spices, and pastes and Soybean products. The purchasers will get to exhibit Convenience foods, Soups and broths, Alcoholic liquors, Mineral and medicinal waters, Beverages like juices, tea and coffee, Diet foods, Water cleaning solutions, Cooking equipment and technologies, Catering and cooking equipment, Agricultural technologies and chemical products, Labor protection and uniform, Training and education, Insurance, credits and leasing and lot more.

To attend press here

Contact details:

Management Team
Ms. Polina ABRITANOVA, Project Director
tel.: +7 423 2451-502, +7 423 2300-418,,
skype: press-dalexpo

International Team
Ms. Lydia LABYUK, International Projects Officer (Chinese available)
tel./fax: +7 423 2451-502

Technical Team
Mr. Sergey PRYANIK, Head of Technical Services
tel./fax: +7 423 2450-347


Russia’s real estate sector is starting to recover

Russia real estate sector is starting to recover after years in the doldrums, with the investment volume up 9% in 2017 to $4.6bn, reports JLL.

Russia’s real estate investments reached $1.9bn in the last quarter of 2017, up 88% y/y versus $1bn in last quarter of 2016, according to JLL calculations. This brought the full year volume to $4.6bn, up 9% from $4.3bn in 2016.

“In 2017, the market underwent both positive and negative changes. The Russian economy has been recovering,” Olesya Dzuba, Head of Research, JLL, Russia & CIS, said in a report. “The ruble traded within a narrow range. Inflation declined below the Central Bank target. Despite the raising concerns about the banking sector stability, a number of large deals closed at the year-end. These included the sale of Immofinanz shopping centre portfolio and the part of Sever-2 warehouse complex. We expect the investment volume to climb to $5bn in 2018, up 9% y/y.”

In 2017, the retail sector accounted for 40% of the total volume. Offices followed, with 34% of all deals. The retail sector dominated over the whole year, with the sale of the Immofinanz shopping centre portfolio to Fort Group supporting this in the fourth quarter.

“Moscow remains the main investment destination in Russia. In 2017, its share was close to the level in the previous year, at 79%,” JLL said in its report.

But higher investment activity was recorded in St. Petersburg, whose share had increased from 9% in 2016 to 16% in 2017. In absolute terms, the St Petersburg investment volume grew by 96% y/y, from $380m to $744m. Investors considered St Petersburg assets as an alternative to those in Moscow, increasing their activity in the Northern capital.

And foreigners are getting back into the market. The share of foreign investments increased from 6% in 2016 to 17% in 2017.

“In 2017, new foreign investors entered the market. At the same time, those who have already been present there became more active. The newcomers included the Chinese company Fosun Group, which purchased the Vozdvizhenka Centre office building in Moscow. Raven Russia, the British investment fund, which acquired assets both in Moscow and in St Petersburg, led the ‘old timer’ list,” Evgeniy Semenov, Regional Director, Head of Capital Markets, JLL, Russia & CIS, notes. “The investment market recovers gradually, with the share of restructuring deals dropping from 48% to 2% in 2017.”

Prime yields remained flat last year. As benchmarks for the market players, JLL analysts consider Moscow prime yields between 9.0-10.5% for offices and shopping centres and 11.0-12.5% for warehouses; St Petersburg prime yields were at 9.5-11.5% for offices and shopping centres and 11.5-13.5% for warehouses. Following key rate cuts by the Central Bank, the cost of bank financing will continue declining and will likely lead to yield compression this year.


AutoInvest® Conference, 28 February — 02 March 2018, Saint Petersburg

Annual International Conference on Investment Attraction to Automotive Component Industry AutoInvest®2018 is the first event of the year in the Russian automotive industry.

The business agenda of the 12th Annual International Conference AutoInvest®2018 is dedicated to prospects of automotive products export development, use of alternative fuels and innovative solutions for economic and ecologic efficiency of the Russian automotive industry as well as to cluster development of the automotive sector, sales strategies and automobiles service technologies.

The AutoInvest® conference has gathered more than 2500 automotive industry experts and professionals for the previous years. Top managers of leading OEMs and automotive components manufacturers, bodies of the public authority, representatives of scientific research institutes, automotive sector specific unions and associations. Representatives of business of Russia and foreign countries, bodies of the public authority, financial organizations from 15 Russia’s regions and 20 foreign countries.

The aim of the Conference is to establish a constructive dialogue between automotive components manufacturers, OEMs and authority in the areas of consolidating efforts to develop the automotive industry of Russia.

Saint Petersburg as a centre of automobile cluster of the North-West Russia is not accidentally chosen as a meeting place for key players in the automotive industry. Manufacture of leading world automobile concerns such as Ford, Hyundai, MAN, Nissan, Scania, Toyota is located in Saint Petersburg.

The International Conference AutoInvest® is an effective site to work out practical decisions on topical directions of the automotive industry development and enlargement of business cooperation in the automotive sector.

Taking into account the strategic importance of the automotive industry development the AutoInvest® Conference is supported by the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Northwestern Federal District, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Government of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

Paying special attention to the format of the event as the Russia’s largest business site for practical decisions in the area of the automotive business, organizers hold discussions of the topical issues of the industry development and specialized events. Among such events are the Suppliers Development School is a complex of specialized training seminars and consultations in the sphere of business development, exchange of experience and expansion of cooperation in the field of automotive components manufacturing for employees – Conference delegates, and B2B Meetings are direct negotiations with potential partners, in which heads and representatives of OEM’s purchasing departments, local suppliers of automotive components, materials and services participate .

To fully present a potential of the Russian automotive industry and opportunities for business cooperation the AutoInvest® Conference is accompanied by the specialized exhibition for professionals of the automotive industry.

Advantages of participation in AutoInvest®:

  • Government, automotive components manufacturers and OEMs are gathered in one place
  • Practical results for each participant
  • Topical agenda and a wide range of discussed issues
  • Highly competent speakers

Organizers of the Conference are North-West development and Investment Promotion Agency and National Association of Automotive Components Manufacturers.

The Conference is traditionally held under support of the industrial unions and associations such as NAMI, Association of Russian Automakers (OAR) and also the largest automobile companies such as MAN Truck & Bus Production RUS, Nissan Manufacturing RUS, Scania-Peter and others.

Conference Agenda is available here.


Project Coordinator

Ekaterina Orlova

tel.: +7 967 513 79 95


Speaker Manager

Artemiy Nikolaev

tel.: + 7 964 390 33 48


Delegate Manager

Marina Maslova

tel.: +7 960 240 02 50


PR Manager

Natalya Cherezova

tel.: +7 960 240 00 38