Far East Development Fund


fondvostokThe Far East Development Fund was established by the President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

The Fund is a state finance development institution which warrants a flexible approach to projects’ structuring and financing. The Fund invests in the venturing and infrastructure, which have significant social and financial impact to the economic development of the region.

The Fund as a part of unified system, set up to accelerate the development of the Russian Far East, cooperates with the Embassy of the President of Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Ministry of Far East Develpment and its stakeholder Vnesheconombank.

The Fund manages capital at about 36 billion rubles.

The Fund was founded for search, structuring and implementation of projects with a significant multiplier effect, creating new opportunities for investment in the Far East, to assist regional authorities with preparing and structuring of public-private projects, including concession arrangements.

One of the objectives of the Fund is to attract to the Far East international partners for co-investments. The priority for the Fund is working with leading companies and financial institutions from the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, Japan, Republic of Korea.

As a state development institution, the Fund acts as a catalyst for the investment process in the region, contributing to accelerated economic and social development of the Far East.

Based on the results of the economic potential research of the Far East region, the Fund is focused on the following priorities:

Transport and energy infrastructure;
Infrastructure for Territories of accelerated development support for investment projects implemented within the framework established in the Far East Territories of accelerated development;
Agriculture and bio-resources projects;
Tourism and recreational areas projects;
Industry development projects in the Far East;
Development of natural resources projects, including mining and processing of minerals.

The Fund’s investment principles are based on maximum efficiency of the assets and maximum potential for advanced, accelerated development in the Far East

For the investment proposal an Investment application form must be completed and sent to us.

Upon the receipt we revert to you for further negotiation of cooperation.

Criteria for Selecting Investment Projects

Geography: The Far Eastern Federal District of Russia

Size of investment: no less than 500 RUR million per project

Investment Objective: investing in hard assets (infrastructure, manufacturing facilities)

Yield: minimum – last 12 quarters average yield of long-term government bonds multiplied by 1.2

For capital rationing purposes the Fund is especially focused on:

- GDP growth
- Increase of tax proceeds
- Creating new jobs

- Financial and economic
- Infrastructure
- Legal
- Social

- Organizational
- Financial
- Time
- Administrative


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Contact Information:

Moscow Office
address: Capital City, South Tower, 8, bld.1, Presnenskaya nab., Moscow, Russia 123317
phone: +7 (495) 540-47-37
mail: info@fondvostok.ru
Website: www.fondvostok.ru

Kemerovo region investment potential


kemerovoKemerovo region is located in the southeast of Western Siberia, occupying ostrogs of Altai — the Sayan highland. The oblast’s extention from the North to the South is nearly 500 km, from the West to the East — 300 km. The big difference between heights’ surface defines a variety of environment. The highest point, Verkhniy Zub, located at the border with the Republic of Khakassia, rises by 2178 m, the lowest point — 78 meters above the sea level, lies in the Tom’ River valley at the border with Tomsk oblast. By relief the territory of the oblast can be devided into flat (northern part), foothill and mountain areas (Kuznetsk Ala Tau, Salair ridge, Mountain Shoriya), intermontane Kuznetsk Depression.
General information


Based on its economic potential Kemerovo Oblast is a large territorial-production complex of the Russian Federation.
Its relatively small territory, a well developed road network and strong diversified economy make Kemerovo Oblast a key player in the economy of Siberia.
Around a third of West Siberia’s main production assets are concentrated here.
Kemerovo Oblast is the country’s biggest industrial region, the base for industrial development of both Siberia and Russia as a whole.
Kuzbass accounts for 56% of all coal produced in Russia, as well as 80% of all coking coal and even 100% of some of valuable high-ranked coking coals.
Furthermore, Kuzbass today represents: 13% of cast iron and steel, 23% of rolled steel, over 11% of aluminium, 19% of coke, 55% of ferrosilicon, over 10% of chemical fibre and yarn, 100% of drag conveyors and 14% of silk fabric.

Kemerovo Oblast exports 1200 industrial products in 80 countries around the world. Some of those products include: coal, coke, rolled metal, cast iron, aluminium, zinc, ferroalloys, slate, cement, glass, nitrogenous fertilizers, plastic, chemical fibre, synthetic resin, electrical products, heavy machinery, etc.
The Trans-Siberian Railway passes through the oblast in the north while the South Siberian Railway crosses it in the south. The oblast has railway connections with all the other regions of the country. Over 18% of Russia’s rail shipments come from Kuzbass, 60% of which are coal.
In 2004 alone the Kuzbass department of the West Siberian Railway shipped over 208 million tonnes of goods. Various airlines operating at Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk airports provide direct flights to cities in Russia and CIS.
Fuel and energy sector plays a major part in the development of the region’s economy.
Coal mining and power industries together make up the backbone of the region’s fuel and energy sector.

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Contact Information:
Kemerovo Region State public institutions “Agency for
Investments Promotion and Protection”
Kemerovo, 1, Sosnoviy Boulevard, office 204
Tel. / fax: 8 (384-2) 77-86-00
e-mail: aapi42@yandex.ru
website: www.keminvest.ru

Department of Kemerovo Region investments and
strategic development
650064, Kemerovo, 63, Sovetskiy prospect
tel. / fax (3842) 58-72-67
e-mail: dep_invest@ako.ru
website: www.keminvest.ru

Special Economic Zones in Russia


SEZThe Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of the Russian Federation are a large-scale federal project aimed to bring in investments and advanced scientific, manufacturing, and management technologies.

The zones provide companies with a unique opportunity to use the full range of Russia’s investment opportunities while avoiding the typical concerns related to non-market business pressures and inefficient administration.

Vast territories located in Russia’s major industrial regions. Proximity to production resources, access to existing infrastructure and key thoroughfares — these are the main advantages of the Industrial Zones. With manufacturing facilities in an Industrial Zone, companies can reduce cost to make their products more competitive on the Russian market.

The Industrial Zones are located in the Yelabuga District of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Gryazi District of Lipetsk Region. On August 12, 2010, the Russian Government signed a decree establishing an Industrial Zone in Samara Region in immediate proximity to Tolyatti.

Located in major centres of science and education with long-standing scientific traditions and recognised research schools, the Innovation Zones offer great opportunities for innovative businesses to manufacturescience-intensive products and sell them on the domestic and international markets.

A set of customs and tax privileges and access to professional personnel resources combined with growing demand for new technologies and modernisation of various sectors of Russian economy make the Innovation Zones attractive for venture funds and developers/manufacturers of technology-intensive products.

The Innovation Zones
The four existing Innovation Zones are situated in Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Dubna, Moscow Region.
The Innovation Zones’ priority sectors are:

  • Nano and biotechnologies
  • Medical technology
  • Electronic and telecom equipment
  • Information technology
  • Precise and analytical instruments
  • Nuclear physics

Industrial Zones
The Industrial Zones’ priority industries include:

  • Motor vehicles and components
  • Construction materials
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Household appliances and retail equipment

Tourist Zones
Located in Russia’s most picturesque and popular destinations, the Tourism & Recreation Zones offer favourable conditions for tourism, sports, recreation and other activities.
The four Tourism Zone are located in Irkutsk Region, Altai Territory, the Altai Republic, the Republic of Buryatia, and Primorye Territory.

Port and Logistic Zones
Located in immediate proximity to global transit corridors, the Port Zones provide access to the fast-growing market for port and logistic services in the Russian Far East and in central Russia.
The distinction of the Special Economic Zone based on Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport is its proximity to the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Cluster factories. This creates development opportunities for aircraft maintenance and reconfiguration businesses.
The Port and Logistic Zone in Khabarovsk Territory is focused on creating a modern diversified port and dockyard centre that will take advantage of the favourable geographic position and the existing infrastructure.

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To watch video about Russian Special Economic Zones please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvZqVKP1QkE

Contact Information:
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Regional Development Department
123242, Russia, Moscow, Krasnaya Presnya str., 3
+7 (495) 650-87-00 (ext. 1401)
Website: www.economy.gov.ru

Managing Company «Special Economic Zones» JSC
125009, Russia, Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 6
+7 (495) 645-27-60
Email: sez@russez.ru
Website: eng.russez.ru

Chelyabinsk region

Chelyabinsk region is one of largest regions of Russia that are economically well-developed. It possesses a considerable potential in production, labor and science, various resources base developed infrastructure. Today it is on its’ way of social and economic upturn that has to be reached through the effective investment policy of the region.

The region covers an area of 88.5 thousand square km and runs 490 km from the south to the north and 400 km from the west to the east. The region occupies 0.5 % of the total area of Russia, which is comparable to the size of Hungary, Portugal, Austria, and it is more than 2 times larger than Denmark and Switzerland, 3 times larger than Belgium and Holland.

The population of the region is over 3.4 million people, 82% of which live in cities and towns, which makes Chelyabinsk region a highly urban area. The population of Chelyabinsk city alone is over 1 million people.


Chelyabinsk is a largest transport center, connected with all parts of Eurasia by such federal highways as M5, M36, and M51, as well as by South-Ural Railway, which is a branch of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Chelyabinsk has its own international airport.


In terms of economy, Chelyabinsk region is one of the largest constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It ranks 5th among the Russian regions in terms of industrial production, 7th in terms of foreign investments, 12thin retail turnover, agriculture, housing construction, and 15th in terms of fixed asset investments.

The industrial development of the region relies on metallurgical, machine-building, power, construction, and agro-industrial industries. There are over 90 thousand various enterprises and companies registered in all forms of ownership. The metallurgy is the leading industry in Chelyabinsk region, with more than 60% of regional industrial production.

Much attention is paid to the development of small business in the region. Every third employed person works in the private sector of economy. The share of small businesses in the gross regional product reaches 25%.

Chelyabinsk region is self-sufficient when in terms of agricultural products.

The region is rich of diverse natural resources. There are approximately 300 explored mineral deposits, and the region is a Russian monopolist in extraction and processing of graphite (95%), magnesite (95%), metallurgical dolomite (71%), and talc (70%).

Another advantage of the region is the availability of skilled manpower. 1,674 thousand people are employed in various industries, which is 47.3% of the total population of the region.

The South Urals region has always been distinguished for its high scientific and educational potential. There are 34 higher educational institutions and 40 organizations involved in scientific research and design development.

One of the most important focus areas for Chelyabinsk region government is to create a favorable investment climate and stimulate the investments.

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Contact Information:

Ministry of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk region Address: 454091, Chelyabinsk, Lenin Avenue, 57Phone: +7 (351) 263-77-54
Email: mineconom@gov74.ru
Website: www.econom-chelreg.ru

UNISTEAM – steam generator producer


unisteamimgThe Mission of company is to provide clients with the energy of steam by creating reliable steam generators, which facilitate the extraction of hard-to-reach oil, manufacturing of high quality cement, production of confectionary, milk, bakery, meat, vegetable products and beverages, as well as enhancement of laundry process and different industrial services.
Throughout the years «UNISTEAM» has acquired the reputation of a reliable and responsible business partner and established strong relationship with numerous retail/wholesale sellers in Russian and abroad. «UNISTEAM oilfield steam generator plant» continues its steady growth and further development and always appreciate company partners trust and relentlessly work on mutual benefit.

«UNISTEAM oilfield steam generator plant» LLC designs and manufactures solutions for more than 15 industries in three main categories:
- UNISTEAM-X line: industrial gas and diesel steam generators for food processing, textile and chemical industries;
- UNISTEAM-M line: special equipment for oil and gas industry;
- UNISTEAM-S line: modular heating plants for oil refining and oil extraction industries.
The products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:20015 standards, and are also compliant with European Directive PED 97/23, which allows the procurement of company products to the territory of EU.

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Contact Information:
456313, Russia, Chelyabinsk Region,
Miass, Turgoyakskoye Highway, 13/23
Email: export@unisteam.com
phone: +7 (3513) 54 34 54

Kaliningrad Region — the territory of opportunities


kaliningrad-reg-logosKaliningrad Region — the territory of opportunities

The presentation below contains general information on the Kaliningrad Region, benefits for investors, as well as informatiion on investment projects that are being implemented by the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation

JSC Regulations for the support on investment projects carried out in the territory of the Kaliningrad region on the one stop principle (download)

About the Region

  • Testing ground for entering the Russian market
  • Kaliningrad offers good possibilities for adjusting business to Russian conditions and for further entering Russia’s mainland markets.
  • Proximity of European markets
  • Kaliningrad Region has a common border with two EU member states – with Lithuania in the north and east and with Poland in the south.
  • Access to Baltic and Atlantic sea routes

The Kaliningrad Port is Russia’s only ice-free port on the Baltic Sea that has moorings for Ro-Ro vessels, passenger ships, railway ferries, general and containerized cargo vessels, and offers good conditions for completing all the necessary formalities, including customs, border and other mandatory procedures.

Considerable tourist and recreational potential

Kaliningrad is Russia’s only resort on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic coast has a range of favourable factors (such as maritime climate, healing mineral waters, therapeutic peat mud and sandy beaches) for both preventing and treating various diseases, as well as for leisure and entertainment. The tourism potential of the Kaliningrad Region is unique: the sea, two freshwater lagoons, rivers, lakes, sand dunes, and a variety of flora and fauna, beautiful landscape – attracts tourists all year round. Accommodation facilities for tourists are various and include modern hotels, sanatoriums, recreation houses, rural farms, guest houses and youth camps capable of providing good living conditions for their guests.

The development of a tourist and recreation SEZ on the Curonian Spit, a natural phenomenon that has been enlisted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, will increase the region’s attractiveness to tourists.

Growing capacity of the transport system

The Federal Target Programme provides funding for a number of infrastructure projects in the field of air, railway, sea and river transport, aimed at further development of the transit potential of the Kaliningrad Region.

Support for investors by the Regional Government

The regional authorities carry out an open door policy aiming to support and develop business, strengthen interregional and international relations and create a favourable investment climate.

Stable environment for adopting long-term solutions

The Kaliningrad Region’s economic development priorities have been set out in relevant policy documents in order to create good conditions for having stability and certainty necessary for long-term forecasting and justification of investment decisions.

Kaliningrad is a region of opportunity. Investors from over 70 countries have already made their choice in favour of the Kaliningrad Region and are successfully implementing their investment projects there. We will be happy if you decide to join them, and we are ready to give you the necessary assistance.

kaliningrad-dcThe Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation was established as an open joint stock company pursuant to Kaliningrad Region Government’s Decision № 285 of 23 April 2012. 100% of the Corporation’s equity is owned by the Government of the Kaliningrad Region.

The legal form (JSC) was selected for the Corporation with a view of providing maximum transparency of the Corporation’s activities for external partners.

The Corporation’s goals are:
The Corporation’s main goal is to attract industrial investments to the Kaliningrad Region by creating industrial parks, technology parks, business incubators, engineering centres and other industrial and business infrastructure components in the Region.

- Provide information and organisation support for industrial investment projects;
- Set up mechanisms for effective interaction between investors, government agencies and local government;
- Provide favourable conditions for bringing modern knowledge and technology in the Region’s economy;
- Provide information and advisory support for small and medium businesses.

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Contact information:
Krasnaya ul., 63А, Kaliningrad, 236023
Tel: +7 (4012) 53-45-62
Website: www.kgd-rdc.ru

Shoes Factory «TREK» LLC


TREKShoes Factory «TREK» LLC – producer of the All-weather shoes
Natural leather
High quality
Broad selection of models
Made in Russia



Download TREK Winter collection presentation.

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Contact Information:
Shoes Factory «TREK» LLC
Kuybysheva Street 115B,
Perm 614990, Russian Federation
+7 (342) 214-88-88
Website: www.trekshoes.ru

Russhpala – production and distribution of timber sleepers for track switches


strelka_2LLC “RUSSHPALA” is a producer and distributor of timber sleepers for track switches.
LLC “RUSSHPALA” – is one of the leading enterprises in the market of cross tie products. Many regular clients purchase the timber sleepers for track switches, bridge timbers, permanent-way materials and other products in merchant quantities. Therefore, it is usual for the company to ship the merchandise in large runs.
A great number of track switches within the steel railway tracks are exploited on the timber sleepers. The main advantages of timber sleepers for track switches consist in the light weight of the construction and its hardness. These peculiarities ensure the safe railway operation.

LLC “RUSSHPALA” uses the selected pine wood for production of timber sleepers for track switches. Such wood is supplied by the lumber companies of Ural and Siberia.

The company also produces the towers and their component parts from the selected pine of the first and second grade in accordance with the requirements of GOST 9463-88. Butt-log portion is only used for production.

The wooden towers are to correspond to the specified dimensions. The main parameter is pole’s diameter. Generally, there are two main diameters: head top and butt diameter, which is measured at a distance of 1.5 meter from the ground surface. These sizes may vary due to the nominal length of pole details and their type.

The length of details may range from 3.5 to 13 meters and they are of light, medium and hard types. The head top and butt diameters of different towers’ details change upwards due to their type. Thus, the light details will have the smaller diameter than the hard ones.

LLC “RUSSHPALA” produces the wooden towers for power lines by individual orders of clients and in accordance with the dimensions specified in the request.

LLC “RUSSHPALA” distributes the track switches from producer. Track switch is surely the most important element of the railway track without which the safe and effective running is impossible.
Track switch is an element that branches the track and ensures the safe cross walk of the rolling stock from one railway track to another.

Download full LLC “RUSSHPALA” company presentation.

Contact Information:
43 Leninskogo Komsomola Street, office 319, Orsk,
Orenburg region, Russia, 462420
Tels: +7(3537) 34-05-33; 34-05-44
Fax: +7(3537) 34-06-33
Email: info@russhpala.ru
Website: www.russhpala.ru

BASET – development and production of waste-heat boilers and industrial power boilers


baset1BASET is a one of the major players on the Russian market, specialized on the nonstandard equipment for usage in different fields of petroleum and power industry. Company has wast experience, highly qualified specialists, own research, design and technological base which guarantees perfect heating solutions.

BASET company producing heat exchangers, column type and vessel type equipment (made of stainless or carbon steel) for Chemical and Power industry for more than 15 years. Our company has high-technological equipment, qualified staff and strong business connections with customers.

baset2Industrial power boilers as opposed to waste-heat boilers are units without which the principal process is unable to proceed or suffers significant changes during their turning-off. The example of such equipment – forced cooling systems of process units, and boilers for cooling of production streams. BASET Ltd. develops and produces gasand water-tube, convection and other types of boilers (SRB and MRB): SRB – Soda Recovery Boiler; МRB— Magnesium Recovery Boiler; The number standing behind the alphabetic acronym shows dry steamproduction capacity tpd, letter C – concentrator.

Special boilers for production of water steam with different parameters may be with natural or forced circulation and with conceptually different hydrodynamics in evaporating heating surfaces. Steam boilers of average power are used in the area of power industry for power generation, also for steam generation, which is used by the process and residential users. BASET Ltd. specializes in designing, production, setting and maintenance of the steam boilers of average power, including natural-circulation boilers with the steam pressure at the boiler exit from 1,36 MPa (14 kgf/sm2 ) to 3,9 MPa (40kgf/sm2), the capacity from 10 tons per hour to 160 tons per hour, the feedwater temperature from 105 °C to 145 °C and the steam temperature on the saturation line or with the superheat not over 440 °C.

baset3Water-heating boilers are intended to produce hot water of given parameters and extensively used in heating and hot water supply systems, in ventilation system for process and residential users. Such equipment is used not only on industrial electric stations but also on steam stations for factoring heating and ventilating loads.
BASET Ltd. specializes in designing, production, setting and maintenance of water-heating boilers with tower-type arrangement, conventional arch boiler, Lshaped boiler with the the capacity MW (Gcal-hr): 23,3 (20); 35 (30); 58,2 (50); 116,3 (100) and 209,4 (180).

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Contact Information:
Russia, 452750, Bashkortostan,
Tuymazy town, Fabrichnaya 10 st.
Email ri@baset.ru
Website: www.baset.ru

ARCO company: Engineering and Consulting

arkologo_enARCO services are financial-industrial groups and regional enterprises, running its activities as on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region, as in other regions of Russia.

ARCO has a long and rich history of relations with regional authorities since 1995, often acting as the initiator and executor of projects in various areas of economic and political life of the region.

Employees of the company have practical experience of work in large industrial companies, also acting as experts in restructuring of assets, improving efficiency and reducing costs of production activity, designing, construction and others.

To view the list of the successful projects of the company please visit http://www.arko24.ru/en/projects.html

Contact Information:
Agency for Restructuring of Commercial Organizations, LLS “ARCO”
Address: 660021, Krasnoyarsk, Mira pr, 109
Tel.: +7 (391) 252-93-65, 252-93-85
Fax: 252-93-75
E-mail: info@arko24.ru
Website: www.arko24.ru