Investment potential of Cherepovets

Cherepovets is a city for business The city of Cherepovets is a large industrial center of the North-West of Russia, which is located at the intersection of all types of transport routes: federal highways, railways, air corridor from Europe to Asia (international airport), the Volga-Baltic waterway. The city is equally… Continue reading

Far East Development Fund

The Far East Development Fund was established by the President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. The Fund is a state finance development institution which warrants a flexible approach to projects’ structuring and financing. The Fund invests in the venturing and infrastructure, which have significant social and financial… Continue reading

Kemerovo region investment potential

Kemerovo region is located in the southeast of Western Siberia, occupying ostrogs of Altai — the Sayan highland. The oblast’s extention from the North to the South is nearly 500 km, from the West to the East — 300 km. The big difference between heights’ surface defines a variety of… Continue reading

Kaliningrad Region — the territory of opportunities

Kaliningrad Region — the territory of opportunities The presentation below contains general information on the Kaliningrad Region, benefits for investors, as well as informatiion on investment projects that are being implemented by the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation JSC Regulations for the support on investment projects carried out in the territory… Continue reading

Nova Capital – investment compan

Nova Capital is an investment company established in 2011 by a team of like-minded professionals led by Alexander Rudik, the founder of the Region Group. The company specializes in private equity, financial advisory, and industrial asset management. Company sets the focus on the forestry sector, agriculture industry, residential and commercial… Continue reading

ARCO company: Engineering and Consulting

ARCO company: Engineering and Consulting

ARCO services are financial-industrial groups and regional enterprises, running its activities as on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region, as in other regions of Russia. ARCO has a long and rich history of relations with regional authorities since 1995, often acting as the initiator and executor of projects in various areas… Continue reading

Lipetsk Region`s economic opportunities, investment climate and attractive investment projects

Lipetsk region – one of the most successful and fast growing areas of modern Russia, which occupies a leading position in the Russian Federation for many socio-economic indicators. official website (English) Small size and population, the region has high scientific, technical, industrial and investment potential, development infrastructure. For ten years area is… Continue reading

“RTF-INVEST” – investments for industrial projects in the Russian Federation

The company “RTF-INVEST” is engaged in search for the potential partners in the United Kingdom who are interested in locating their industrial projects in the Russian Federation. The company has formed a pool of Russian investors in the various branches of industry, interested in attracting new technologies in Russia and… Continue reading

BioTEC – construction of combined heat and power plants (mini-CHP)

BioTEC – construction of combined heat and power plants (mini-CHP)

BioTEC is engaged in realization of projects on construction and exploitation of generation facilities for the production of thermal and electric energy and their distribution in the field of municipal energy, including: 1. boiler houses working on solid fuel, including renewable energy sources (waste wood), with capacities from 0,5 MW… Continue reading

Northern Caucasus Resorts

Northern Caucasus Resorts

Joint-Stock Company Northern Caucasus Resorts (JSC NCR) is a management company of a large-scale infrastructure business project aimed at creating a tourism cluster in Russia. The project is being implemented within special economic zones established in the North Caucasian Federal District. It envisages at the first stage creation of the… Continue reading