International airtransport forum “IATF-2012”

August 23-25, 2012, Ulyanovsk city International airtransport forum (IATF) is the biggest field in Russia for efficient communication between busness, power authorities and society on aviation related issues. Germany is a partner country of IATF-2012. Official Event of the Year of Germany in Russia 2012/2013. Organizers: Ministry of Industry and… Continue reading

Russian prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev talks with Cameron

Russian prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev talks with Cameron

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev led Russia’s official delegation at the 2012 London Olympics and meet British Prime Minister David Cameron. On arrival in London, Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev was greeted by senior Russian diplomats headed by the Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko and is seen here greeting Russian Trade Representative, Dmitry… Continue reading

The Third International Conference “Grain Industry in the 21st Century”

November 20-22, 2012, Moscow, Russia The Conference is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Russian Grain Union, International Grains Council (IGC), Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) and International Industrial Academy. The previous conferences “Grain Industry in the 21st Century” took place in 2000 and 2004…. Continue reading