About Ministry

Full name: The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Superior governing body: The Government of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (Economy Ministry of Russia) is the federal executive body responsible for developing state policy and providing regulation in the sphere of analysis and forecasting of socioeconomic and business development, including medium-sized and small businesses, foreign economic activity (except for foreign trade), property relations, insolvency (bankruptcy) and financial recovery, evaluation activities, land-related transactions (except for agricultural lands), the State Register of Real Estate, state cadastral record-keeping and cadastral activity, state cadastral valuation of land, state monitoring of land (except for agricultural lands), state registration of rights to real estate, geodesy and cartography, state statistical activities, investment activities and state investment, development of interstate and federal target programs (long-term target programs), departmental target programs, development and implementation of programs for Russia’s socioeconomic development, creation and maintenance of special economic areas in the Russian Federation, management of state material reserves, placement of orders for the delivery of goods, and the performance of work and services for state and municipal purposes.


  • To ensure performance of the Ministry’s functions on formulating the state policy and regulatory affairs on:
  • placing orders for delivery of goods, performance of works and provision of services to satisfy state and municipal needs;
  • forming the Common Economic Space (CES);
  • developing entrepreneurial activities, including medium and small enterprises;
  • To ensure:
  • coordination of processes on preparing the regulatory background and forming CES institutions, creating conditions for sustainable and efficient development of the CES member states’ economies;
  • introducing a process of negotiations with the member states on the issues of forming CES;
  • coordination of work on preparing integration measures intended to form CES;
  • monitoring and analyzing market conditions and competitive ability, including price formation, price competition, and working out proposals on developing competition on the national markets;
  • Ministry’s participation in formulating the state policy and preparing opinions on draft normative and other acts in the sphere of trade activity of the Russian Federation;
  • Ministry’s participation in formulating the state policy and preparing opinions on draft normative and other acts in the sphere of production and circulation of ethanol, alcoholic, alcohol-containing and tobacco products, disposing of trademarks of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, as owned by the Russian Federation, and advertising;
  • maintaining the Russian Federation integrated official web-site to distribute information on placing orders to satisfy state and municipal needs;
  • analyzing order placement and state procurement status in the Russian Federation, Russian Federation subjects and procurement of municipal institutions;
  • preparing quarterly reports to the Russian Federation Government and annual holding GOSZAKAZ (government order) all-Russia forum exhibition;
  • forming a federal contractual system, including in the sphere of the government’s defence order;
  • coordination of federal executive bodies’ activities on securing favourable environment for small and medium business entities abroad;
  • Ministry’s participation in the State Boundary Commission’s work;
  • implementing the federal financial program of small and medium business support, and field and regional programs of small and medium business development.
  • Directly to coordinate and control work of the Department for Competition Development, Department of United Economic Space Formation, and Department of Small and Medium Business.