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fishforumlogoInternational Exhibition of the fishing industry, seafood, production equipment and technology

September 14-16, 2017


The contribution of the fishing industry to world economy and social well-being can hardly be overestimated. Increasing world population and consumption growth as a consequence of this pose a challenge for the international community and Russia as one of the leading fishing  fountries to ensure a global food security while preserving a biodiversity of Oceans.

Fish and seafood are among the most traded food commodities worldwide, besides, the fisheries and aquaculture sectors are substantial financial sources of revenues to national budgets and of income for millions of people. According to FAO, 57 mln. of people are involved in fishing industry.

Faced with climate change issues, economic and financial uncertainties, and growing competition for natural resources the international community should address the global challenge by 2050: how and what to feed the population of more than nine billion people? We suggest it to be the main lines of discussion on the margins of the Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg in September 2017.

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