1 st RUSSIAN FISHERIES FORUM & Seafood Expo Global

russianfishInternational Exhibition of the fishing industry, seafood, production equipment and technology

September 14-16, 2017


1 st RUSSIAN FISHERIES FORUM & Seafood Expo Global
- key industry speci.c event in 2017.

For the first time Russia will act as the host party for specialists in global fishery and contiguous economic industries of various countries.
Business program of the event discloses basic trends that determine development of upto-date fish market, introduces the best practices of fishery business, illuminates strategy and the key parameters that export-import policy of the Russian Federation features.
Exhibitors of the event are over 200 Companies from Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin
America and USA; they will present their product, state-of- the-art knowhow and equipment for fishery industry.

Download full forum presentation.

Contact Information.
Address: 127521 Moscow Oktyabrskaya st. 80, office 301

General Officer:
Ivan Andreevich Fetisov
+ 7 (499) 922-44-17
+ 7 (968) 404-08-75

Commercial Officer:
Nikolay Alexandrovich Sitenkov
+ 7 (499) 922-44-17
+ 7 (965) 269-20-00


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