Russian Export Day – 20-21 of April 2017

4214266bd0c329acbd3f1de7584b30e7Russian Export Day takes place on the 20-21 of April 2017 with the support by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian federation.

In plenary session plans the presentation of Oleg Fomichev, deputy minister of economic development of Russian Federation.
The main goal of the business forum is to help national companies to use new technologies of trade and fair exchange-value of rouble in the right way for the organization of exporting products and goods from Russia. In the program of Russian Export Day, participants will discuss various aspects of organizing export abroad.
Key topics of the forum:
• Electronic commerce as a driver of global transformation of retail market and manufacturers;
• Perspectives of world e-com giants in Russia. Impact on import and export of consumer goods.
• Barriers and opportunities of export development of consumer goods export;
• Efficiency of state stimulation measures of export. Which new solutions are necessary to facilitate, remove barriers of exporting Russian consumer goods?
In terms of «Russian Export Day», takes place session of commercial negotiations. Large internet platforms (marketplaces and hypermarkets) will have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with shops and suppliers of goods.
Moreover in program of the event are going to run country focus sessions: China, Vietnam and India, European markets, and USA, Canada and countries of Latin America. In terms of these focus sessions participants will discuss target groups of consumers, consumer preferences in referring to package and goods positioning, and special aspects of export sales in specific regions.
Venue: Bld.1,39 Leningradskoe Shosse, Moscow, 125212 Russian Federation.

For more details about the event and registration please visit:

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