Special economic zones

On June, 3, 2006 the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin signed the Federal law “About the amendments to the Federal act “About the special economic zones in the Russian Federation “, providing the creation of special economic zones of tourist- recreational type on the territory of Russia Tourist-recreational SEZ are being created in Russia to stimulate, develop and effective use of the recreational resourses, objects of resorts, natural medical resources, and also to render the services in the field of the organization of rest and rehabilitation of citizens, sanatorium treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases.

  • a favorable investment and enterprise climate in Russia
  • development of a competitive tourist and sanatorium Russian product
  • assistance to applying to the tourist and sanatorium industry of the Russian Federation an innovative way of development
  • improvement of quality of tourist and sanatorium services up to the world standards
  • stimulation of development of depressive regions with low industrial potential
  • development of an innovative and transport infrastructure
  • a gain of volume of export of tourist and sanatorium services
  • improvement of quality of a life and employment of the SEZ personnel
  • decrease of the profit tax rate
  • 5 years tax exemption to the property located exclusively within SEZ borders
  • 5 years ground tax exemption to sites in borders of SEZ territory from the moment of of the property right registration.
  • extraction and processing of minerals of medical purpose

Information about establishment of the Russian Special Economic Zones and about Investment Fund.

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