CIS Sugar Market 2013: New Role, New Challenge

March 14 – 15, 2013

The Second Joint Conference of the International Sugar Organisation & the Association of Sugar Producers of the Customs Union.

Last two seasons witnessed a radical change in the role of Russia and neighboring countries in the world sugar economy. Russia became the world’s leading beet sugar producer and left the league of the world’s largest sugar importers. With a further integration of the sugar markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia under the Customs Union and Russians recent accession to the WTO. the industries are facing considerable challenges. All this makes an investigation of the role of sugar in regional trade agreements a high priority issue. Participants will be also presented with outlooks for CIS sugar markets. Authoritative speakers will share their assessment on whether Russia, Ukraine and Belarus can become regular exporters of sugar to Central Asia and Caucasus and to where surplus beet pulp and molasses can be exported.
A round table session is planned for 15th March . Its main topic will be “Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners”. The round table will be addressed by sugar and other sweetener manufacturers, industrial users, and scientific research bodies.
Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English and Russian.

Among our speakers on 14th March are:

  • Herman Versteijlen, European Commission
  • Sergey Gudoshnikov, ISO
  • Stefan Uhlenbrock, FO Licht
  • Andrey Bodin, Association of Sugar Producers of the CU
  • Alexander Koss, Sugar Union of Moldova
  • Gary Punter, ABSugar
  • Pieter Visser, Feedimpex

A round table session is planned for 15th March. Its main topic will be «Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners». The round table will be addressed by sugar and other sweetener manufacturers, industrial users and scientific research bodies:

  • Gareth Forber, LMC International
  • Dr Richard Cottrell, World Sugar Research Organization (WSRO)
  • Eugeny Gladyshev, Amylco LLC

To the registered participants have already acceded: «Prodimex – Holding», «Group of Companies «Rusagro», Group of companies «DOMINANT», Group of Companies «Sucden», as well as Antex+, Verhnevolgskiy Prodtorg, VNT S.A.. The Moscow representative office, Czarnikow Group, KWS RUS, Kursk Grain, Louis Dreyfus commodities, Rusexport, Vodograi, Strube Rus, Danone – Unimilk, ED & F MAN, Grimme, the Coca – Cola Company, Inteltrade, NV& L Brokers, Bunge CIS, « Korting Export & Service GmbH, Strong Techniques, “Rostov sugar company”, “Ceres Groups”, Sugarcane Research Institute, Exim Commodities, TD “Agrotorg”, Bakaleyia-Yugni Port, АSR, «Chernozemie», EFKO, Primorsky sugar, Kraiopttorg, Nidan Juice, Impericom, Maribo, CASK, Syngenta, FranceAgriMer, Südzucker AG, Аvelor, SAF-NEVA and others.

14 March Conference Programme

Sugar Conference Programme

15 March Workshop “Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners”

Sugar Workshop Programme

Registration fee  16000 RUB/400 Euro/ 540 USD
Space is strictly limited so early registration is recommended.
Registration fee also covers lunch and a cocktail party on 14th March, refreshments on 14th and 15th March as well as conference materials.

Contact Information:
Phone: +7 (495) 695 37 42
Fax: +7 (495) 690 22 14
Conference website:

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