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MoscowRegionAndreyVorobievThe Moscow Region is one of the largest and fastest growing regions of the Russian Federation. It holds a special place among other Russian regions clue first and foremost to the scope of the sale market: there are more than 25 million residents in the Moscow Region and more than 40 million residents in the Central Federal District.
The Moscow agglomeration is a region with the most developed transport infrastructure; it provides companies with quick and comfortable commodity delivery services from the Region to all the constituent entities of Russia and its key ports, as well as to European and Asian countries-According to many economic indicators, Moscow Region is among the leaders of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The safety margin of the regional economy guarantees further stable development.
Today, our challenge is to substantially increase the economic growth rates. A set of measure to create favorable conditions for the rapid and qualitative innovative development of the economy, based on advanced technologies, is being quickly implemented.
A favorable investment climate created by the Government of the Moscow Region should help attract a large number of foreign companies into the region so that they could start production and open their representative offices there.
We highly appreciate the fact that foreign investors have always acted as a reliable partner. Foreign companies quickly fit into our economic structure, and the newly established enterprises have high production standards and take an active part in implementing social programs. Special conditions are being created for foreign investors to do business.
The Moscow Region Development Corporation has now been established. It will be responsible for the development of the infrastructure in industrial zones and industrial parks, pre-project preparation, the development of proposals for attracting investment projects, and their support.
A new Law of the Moscow Region, which is aimed at “developing investment activity in the Moscow Region”, guarantees equal protection of the rights and interests of the participants in investment activity. The law establishes the forms of state support of investment activity, i.e., special benefits and preferences for investors.
The Investment Council has been formed under the Governor of the Moscow Region to ensure stable conditions for investment activities in the region and develop proposals for improving the investment climate in the region.
The Investor Support Center will be formed under the Investment Council to provide single regulation support for investment projects on the basis of the “one window” principle. The Government of the Moscow Region always enters into agreements with investors in order to establish a partnership between the regional government and business.
The Moscow Region is open for mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign investors. We invite all companies to establish a business partnership, and we promise to make it the most promising partnership.

Governor of the Moscow Region
Andrey Vorobiev

Download Moscow Region Investment Prospects Presentation.

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