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TulaRegionGovernorVladimirGruzdevInvestment is a special way of replenishing the budget revenue base, which, in turn, forms the basis of social welfare. The goal-oriented activities of the government aimed at creating favourable investment climate allowed it to gain the investors’ trust. There has been a set of measures implemented to support investment. Investment standards, developed by the federal Strategic Initiative Agency initiated by Vladimir Putin, have been implemented since the year 2012 to improve the performance. These standards cover the best international and domestic practice of investment attraction and management.
There have been a “Regional Investment Fund” institution of regional investment activity established. The Tula Region budget up to 2016 provided three billion roubles to finance the construction of transport, energy and engineering infrastructure required for public-private partnership investment project implementation.
From the address of the Tula Region Governor
Vladimir Gruzdev to the Tula Region Duma.

The administration of Tula region has a successful experience of interaction with foreign and domestic investors in the organization of new and the improvement of the productions already launched. There is constant work to create favorable conditions for investments. In recent years there has been a growth in investment activity in the regional economy. Total volume of the foreign investments in 2011 made up $504,6 million and increased by 37,8% in comparison with 2010. The investment growth was because of the increase in other loans. Major share of overall volume of investments formed other investments (79,3%). Direct investments made up 20,7%.
Foreign investments also involved such sector as construction, wholesale and retail trade, real estate activities. Major investors in the economy of Tula region were such countries as the USA, Israel, Cyprus, the Netherlands. Now large foreign companies are successfully working on the territory of Tula region, including “Procter & Gamble” (USA), “Cargill” (USA), “Knauf” (Germany), “Unilever” (UK, Netherlands), “SCA Hygiene Products Russia” (Sweden).

Foreign economic activity is realized by 300 market participants in Tula region, with various ownership patterns. The external turnover on January amounted to $ 104.8 million. The external turnover of the region preserves the trend of export surplus. More than 90 countries of the world are contracting parties of Tula region in export-import operations. The main trade and economic partners are European countries, which share in the external turnover of the region is more than a half. Nearly the whole assortment of goods made by Tula enterprises and companies is represented on the European market. The most active relations have been established with Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Czech Republic.
At present, about one third of the whole exported production is shipped to Asian countries. The chief partners of this region are India, China, Turkey, Syria, and the Republic of Korea. A trade and economic partner on the American continent is the USA, which annual share in the external turnover of the region is 5-6%. More than 70 companies of Tula work on this market. Traditionally, the main partners of our region in the countries of the CIS are Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.

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Contact information of the Tula region Government:

Oleg A. Fedosov — deputy minister, director of investment activities and foreign economic affairs department of the ministry of economic development and industry of Tula region tel. +7 (4872)306647
E-mail: Oleg.Fedosov@tularegion.ru

Alena A. Tkachenko — deputy head of Tula region government representation affiliated to the Government of RF
tel. +7 499 978 14 56; +7 499 978 22 05
E-mail: Alena.tkachenko@tularegion.ru

Vladimir V. Pechurchik — first deputy of Director General,
commercial Director of ОАО «The Tula regional corporation of the development»
tel. +7 4872 23 16 70
E-mail: pechurchik@invest-tula.com

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