Stavropol Region.

Modern Stavropol is a rapidly developing region of Russia, by the territory comparable with the European states and has huge resource and investment potential.
Today, regional stability is supported by aimed measures at stimulation of the investment and innovation activities in different fields and industries.Clusters and accelerated development zones are created, there are many different types of subsidies, state guarantees, tax incentives. Krai’s Government supports projects aimed at expanding and creating innovative enterprises, especially focused on the production of importsubstituting products.With the help of new, innovative projects in the field of agriculture we increase our presence in the domestic food market and export capability of Krai.Investment activity in Caucasian Mineral Waters region allows us successfully compete in the market of resort and tourist services.
The enormous potential of Stavropol Krai is the result of active cooperation of public authorities and businesses.The collected book, which you hold in your hands, is dedicated to this continuous meticulous work.I am sure the publication will become a clear evidence of the effectiveness of the regional investment policy and reference book for companies wishing to develop their business in Stavropol Krai.

Download Stavropol Region the investment memorandum.


Download Stavropol Region Investment potential whitepaper.




Ministry of Economic Development of Stavropol krai
Correspondence address: 355003, Stavropol, Lenin str., 293.
Contact phones: (8652) 26-86-13 , 35-06-38 (fax);

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stavropol krai
Correspondence address: 355042, Stavropol,
Dovatortsev str., 55a.
Contact phones: (8652) 50-99-99, 94-53-34 (fax);

Euro Info Corresponding Centre
Correspondence address: 355042, Stavropol, Dovatortsev str., 55a.
Contact phones: (8652) 51-23-45;

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