Rosatom in the United Kingdom.

Rosatom is a Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, which integrates the whole value chain of the nuclear fuel cycle from uranium mining and fuel fabrication to electricity generation and back-end services. The latest annual public report of Rosatom for the year of 2011 is published in English and in Russian on its web site (

Rosatom is committed to the delivery of safe and clean nuclear energy as part of a diverse low-carbon energy mix of the future. Some quick statistics about Rosatom:

  • incorporates more than 250 enterprises and organisations in Russia, which employ more than 300 000 strong workforce
  • has a global presence in all civil nuclear energy applications attaching prime attention to nuclear, radiation and environmental safety of its operations
  • owns world-class research and development institutions and the biggest ice breakers fleet in the world
  • holds leading positions in the world market of nuclear technologies being the 1st in the world by the number of new nuclear power plants under construction; 2nd in uranium reserves; 2nd in nuclear electricity generation, while providing about 40% of the world uranium enrichment services and meeting about 17% of the global demand in nuclear fuels
  • JSC “Rosenergoatom”, a Rosatom subsidiary, is the largest utility in Russia producing more than 17% of electricity in the country.

Rosatom is a global leader in the development, construction and operation of nuclear power plants (NPP), promoting a cutting-edge next generation nuclear reactor technology (Generation III+). The VVER type pressurised water reactor is leading the way in many countries as one of the most referenced reactors built so far (totally 67 VVER reactors built, 18 of which are currently operating in 5 EU countries). At the moment Rosatom is building 9 NPPs in Russia and 19 abroad with potential global portfolio by 2030 of more than 80 reactors.

Starting from 2011 Rosatom has been implementing a business globalisation strategy. At the moment Rosatom has operations or activities aiming to develop nuclear energy in more than 40 countries on 5 continents. By 2030 Rosatom should be among the top 3 nuclear companies in terms of revenues in all key segments of nuclear value chain with more than 50% of its revenue coming from its global operations (incl. 25% from overseas assets). To this end Rosatom is building up its global presence both by implementing projects in its “historical” markets, such as Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as seeking business opportunities in Western and Northern Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

UK is considered as a potentially attractive market for Rosatom strategic business development, where Rosatom has a significant history of its presence. Its enterprises have been working in the UK for many years being reliable partners of British Energy (currently EdF Energy) in supplying enriched uranium products (EUP) to cover approximately 20% of the present-day needs of the UK nuclear power fleet, as well as in supplying fuel pellets for Sizewell B NPP. Rosatom’s German subsidiary, Nukem Technologies, has long provided nuclear decommissioning services in the UK with significant localisation of operations, and nowadays is re-establishing its position in the UK back-end market.

Rosatom business strategy assumes growing involvement of the UK nuclear supply chain during implementation of its projects in third countries. In this regard Rosatom established a strategic partnership with the flagman of British industry corporation Rolls-Royce by signing a Memorandum of Understanding during the state visit of Prime Minister David Cameron to Russia in September 2011. As an example of that cooperation Rosatom is currently implementing the first-of-a-kind Build-Own-Operate (BOO) construction project of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey. The total cost of the project is approximately $20 billion.

In implementing its UK market strategy Rosatom targets not only to grow its share in such traditional segments as EUP, nuclear fuel supply and back-end services, but also considers as a very promising and potentially attractive opportunity to enter UK nuclear new build market.

As an important element of growing Rosatom presence in the country in April 2013 a permanent Rosatom representative in the UK Sergey Ruchkin arrived in London. The Rosatom representative is posted to the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the UK and will be responsible for general coordination and management of Rosatom interactions with the UK governmental offices, local partners and other stakeholders. By the end of 2013 Rosatom also plans to open in London a marketing office of its subsidiary JSC “Rusatom Overseas”.


Download Rosatom Annual Public Report.


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