The Lipetsk Region: XI International Investments Conference

XI International Investments Conference
«The Lipetsk Region: Development through Investments»

November, 6, 2013

The main theme of the Conference – «Creating an enabling environment for investments – the basis of the economic sustainability of the region». The audience of the plenary session will be addressed by the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, the Strategic Initiatives Agency of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, The Advisory Board of «The Potential of Russia», the organizing committee of the competition and Annual Public Award «Regions – Sustainable Development», consulting firms, banks, investors which investment projects are under implementation in Lipetsk Region and planned for the launch of production facilities in the region.

Venue: Administrative and Business Center (ABC)
AO SEZ IPT «Lipetsk»
Address: Russia, 398908, Morshanskaya str., p. Matyrsky, Lipetsk

Organizers: Administration of Lipetsk Region, Department of Investments and International Relations of Lipetsk region supported by AO SEZ IPT «Lipetsk»

Additional information on the investment potential of Lipetsk Region can be found on the sites of the Lipetsk Region Administration ( and the Department of Investments and International Relations of Lipetsk Region (

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