ROSATOM and the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change of the United Kingdom signed a Memorandum of cooperation in the area of atomic energy peaceful use








On September 5, 2013 in State Corporation “Rosatom’s” main office in Moscow, a meeting took place between Rosatom’s Director General, Mr. Sergey Kirienko and Minister of State for Energy of the Department for Energy and Climate Change of the United Kingdom, Mr. Michael Fallon.

As a result of negotiations, the Parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding on co-operation in the sphere of nuclear energy.
In addition, the signing of a Collaboration Agreement between Rosatom, Rolls-Royce and Fortum took place. The Agreement aims to jointly explore opportunities for construction and operation of nuclear power plants based on VVER reactor technology in the UK.

The Parties of the Collaboration Agreement will also work on preparation for the VVER reactor design assessment (Generic Design Assessment) and assessing the opportunities for licensing of an NPP construction site, which are the initial steps in the process of obtaining a construction permit for new nuclear power plants.

The Parties consider the UK energy market to be an attractive opportunity, as most of the operating UK NPP fleet is planned to be decommissioned in the medium term. At the same time, the UK authorities are targeting a radical reduction of CO2 emissions, and therefore are creating the environment to secure the implementation of a national nuclear new build programme.

Within the framework of the Collaboration Agreement Rolls-Royce will offer its considerable expertise in preparation for NPP design assessment by the UK regulators, as well as the competences of the leading engineering company with a wide network of suppliers.

Fortum, in its turn, possesses extensive experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of NPPs with VVER reactors in Finland. The company’s expertise will be used in various aspects while investigating the opportunities for the potential construction and operation of nuclear power plants with VVER reactors in the UK.

The modern VVER NPP design belongs to the Generation III + (the most advanced in today’s world). The project possesses a unique combination of active and passive safety systems, which guarantee the safety of the environment, even in the cases of external power and coolant supplies loss.

Important notice – nuclear power plants with VVER reactors are currently being operated in Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Iran, China, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

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