Udmurt Republic

Udmurtia is a dynamically developing and investment-attractive region of the Privolzhsky Federal District and the Russian Federation. Its unique landscape and variety of national cultures combine with huge industry potential and developing agricultural complex.
Republic enterprises produce competitive goods: equipment for atomic power plants, space telecommunication systems, sport and hunting weapon, communications, radio electronics, medicine equipment, oil and gas equipment. Agriculture complex fully supplies people of Udmurtia and some nearby regions with high quality food products.
There is legislative state support of investors in the republic. The Government of Udmurtia is open for dialogue both with Russian and foreign investors and orients to create favorable conditions for existing and new productions, modernization of the economy and development of social, transport, engineer and energy infrastructure.
Udmurtia multinational republic is rich of its history and culture, fauna and flora, unique nature and ethnocultural resources. Udmurtia is a motherland of a Great Russian composer P.I.Tchaikovsky, a genius constructor of small-arms M.T. Kalashnikov, many distinguished sportsmen, scientists, artists and educators.

Download Presentation Investment Potential of Udmurtia.


Download Presentation Udmurtia enterprises.


Download Projects Planned for Implementation in Udmurt Republic.


Izhevsk Motorcycle Production Revival The Concept.


Automotive Component Industry Development in the Udmurt Republic.


List of Projects Planned for Implementation in Udmurt Republic.


Proposals from Udmurt Republic. [~100Mb]


Download the list of exporters of the Udmurt Republic (xls)
For additional information please visit web-site of the Ministry of Economic of Udmurt Republicwww.economy.udmurt.ru

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