Republic of Mari El

marielcoatofarmsThe Republic of Mari El today is one of dynamically developing regions of Privolzhsky Federal District (PFD) and throughout Russia.
Republic is rich in natural resources, well-developed industry and agricultural sector, skillful personnel. It all creates a good basis for attraction of investments, development of business cooperation.
In the republic the necessary legal framework has been designed that allows to solve many problems of business and makes the region attractive for Russian and foreign investors.
In terms of growth of industry and agriculture the Republic of Mari El is one of the leaders in PFD for more than ten years, annually demonstrating stable index of the economy development.
Naturally, there are problems as well. We understand that today it is important to stimulate creation of the innovation infrastructure – technology parks, business incubator zones, technology transfer centers, to develop human resources potential, to restore professional training and improve education that answer the requests of the real sector of the economy. All of those the Government is actively deal with.
The Republic of Mari El open for investments, waiting for energetic business people capable not only in words but prove in practice the ability to say something new in business and we are ready in every possible way to support them!

Download presentation about Investment Opportunities of the Republic of Mari El.


Investment projects proposed for implementation in the Republic of Mari El


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