Presentation of the investment and cooperation potential of the Tula Region

tulacoatofarmsWe are pleased to inform you that the Russian Trade Delegation in collaboration with the Tula Region of the Russian Federation has the pleasure of inviting you to a special event: Presentation of the investment and cooperation potential of the Tula Region headed by the Denis Tikhonov Deputy Prime-Minister of the Tula Region.

Tula Region is situated in Denis Tikhonov Deputy Prime-Minister of the Tula Regionthe centre of the European part of Russia, about 180 km far from Moscow. The population of the area amounted to more than 1,5 mln. people. Tula Region comprises 19 cities and 22 districts.

It is one of the most advanced Russian regions in manufacturing technologies and production and historically its economy has been developed since Peter’s the Great decree on Arsenal factories creation in 1712 Structure of industrial production: 26% chemical industry, 22% machine industry, 17% food industry, 18% metal industry, 10% electrical energy industry, 5% consumer goods industry, 2% other. Tula Region is very well developed with the professional labour force having 80 vocational schools and 24 colleges. More than 200 key international producers such as P&G, ITW, Cargill, Unilever, Aviagen and other have their own production and service facilities locally. Regional consumer market is home to 9,713 retailers, 435 wholesalers, 897 catering and 319 consumer service enterprises. The foreign trade turnover of goods amounted to more than 5 billion US dollars. Tula Region is in the 3th place in Central Federal District in volume of capital stock investments.

During the event and lunch time we want to give attendees the opportunity to meet with a number of Representatives of the Tula Government and others responsible for promoting international trade between the UK and Russia.

The event will take place in the Russian Trade Delegation, 32-33 Highgate West Hill, London, N6 6NL, on Tuesday 5th November, from 3pm.

You are kindly asked to confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to:

More information about Tula Region can be found at the Investment portal of the Tula region.

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