Modern Tatarstan was one of the first Russian regions to art changing over to European standards, not only in the eld of industrial production, but also in education, medicine and other sectors. Transition to European standards will largely upport the optimisation of the management system and enouragement of business initiative, which in turn will create vourable conditions for further development of the market conomy in the republic.
Quite visible are the results of the independent foreign economic policy pursued by the republic in the past ten years. Tatarstan has tripled its foreign trade turnover, forged stable economic ties with over a hundred countries and their regions throughout the world. The products manufactured by republic’s enterprises and some Tatarstan-registered trademarks are well known both in Russia and abroad. Year by year manufacturers from Tatarstan are awarded the prizes as the best Russian exporters. All this enables the republic to enjoy a high international rating and ensures its harmonious integration into the world community.
Much attention is paid in the republic to further enhancement of its investment image. Consistently improving is the legal framework of the investment process in conformity with the international standards related to protection of investors’ rights, and the necessary infrastructure is being developed. Tatarstan today is the location where many foreign companies are operating and renowned multinational companies are represented. We are always open for cooperation and hope that this edition will be a useful guide to the business world of Tatarstan and a reliable partner in the implementation of your business projects.
Roadmap for investors

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