Coal industry: Business proposal from “Alfa-Coal” Company

Alfa-Coal Company Ltd. From Novokuznetsk, Russia.

The aim of the Alfa – Coal, Ltd. is searching for foreign partners.
Alfa-Coal Company offers you constant deliveries of molded coal.

Coal briquettes are produced of high-quality black coal from Kuznetsk (South-West Siberia) coalfield. Ranks of coal are T, SS, and their mixtures produced with environmentally clean binding which allows using them for heating different industrial objects (low and middle power) and accommodations room.

Coal briquettes have a lot of advantages. It’s not toxic, ecologically safe (absence of dust). The package provides a full guarantee of briquette’s safety during long storage in any conditions. It is convenient in use due to minimization of the product size. The form of packages can be different: 25kg in three-layer paper bag or in Big-Bag (till 1 tones). Not only briquette burns away completely but its package too. So it’s wasteless manufacture.

We produce coal briquettes from high-quality black coal.
Size of one briquette is 70 *70*40 mm.
Water – 2,9%
Ashes – 16,4%
Volatile – 28,3%
Sulphur – 0,3%
Warm of combustion – 6200kcal

Application of briquettes in low power coppers allows to increase their efficiency in 2,5 times in comparison with traditional marks of coal.

Production of the Alfa – Coal, Ltd. has the certificate of the conformity (according Gosstandart of Russia), SGS Vostok Limited and Alfred H Knight Eastern Europe Ltd.

Alfa Coal Product information

Contact information:
Trubnikov Andrey,
tel.:+7 960-926-0550;
fax: +7(3843) 36-87-86;

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