Special economic zone “Togliatti”

seztogliattiSpecial economic zone “Togliatti” Samara Region.

By virtue of the Federal Law of July 22, 2005 No. 116-FZ “On Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation”, a special economic zone is a territory with a special regime for entrepreneurship activities defined by the Russian Government.

The industrial and production special economic zone “Togliatti” was established in Stavropolsky municipal district of Samara region on the basis of Resolution of the Russian Government of August 12, 2010 No. 621.

SEZ “Togliatti” specializes in the following fields of activities:

  • Automotive manufacturing (vehicles and vehicle components)
  • Machinery
  • Construction materials
  • Mass consumer goods

Prerequisites for the establishment of industrial and production SEZ in Samara region are as follows:

  • high industrial potential of the region;
  • high investment attractiveness of the region;
  • high labor potential;
  • advantageous economic and geographic location, extensive transport and logistics infrastructure.

One stop shop concept

There will be an effective system of public administration in thespecial economic zone: “One stop shop” scheme to ensure forthe businessmen most convenient contacts with public and municipalbodies of management and control. “One stop shop” systemshall allow to facilitate paperwork for the residents, reduce administrative barriers with the use of a single contact point forall types of business cooperation with the state.

Governmental structures represented in the “One stop shop”system in SEZ “Togliatti”:


Become a SEZ resident

A commercial organization registered in accordance with the Russian legislation in a municipal entity, where a SEZ is located, which have concluded with the managerial bodies of the SEZ an agreement on industrial and production activities in such manner and on such terms and conditions as stipulated by the Federal Law of 22.07.2005 No. 116-FZ is recognized as a resident of an industrial and production SEZ.

A resident of an industrial and production SEZ shall have right to conduct within the SEZ only such industrial and production activities as defined in the agreement on industrial and production activities. Industrial and production activities are recognized as manufacturing and or processing of goods (products) and sales there of.

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Contact Information:
JSC «SEZ «Togliatti»
Russia, Samara region
Togliatti, Str.Frunze, 8, office 508
Web site:  www.oeztogliatti.ru/en

Assistant to General Director
Tel +7 (8482)555 179
Fax +7 (8482) 555177
e-mail AS.Kashtanova@oeztlt.ru

Department for work with investors
Tel +7 (8482)555 163
Fax +7 (8482) 555177
e-mail AV.Mezina@oeztlt.ru

Capital construction department
Tel +7 (8482)555 235
Fax +7(8482) 555 177
e-mail SV.Skryabin@oeztlt.ru

Property and legal department
Tel +7 (8482)555 178
Fax+7 (8482) 555 178
e-mail AS.Ochirov@oeztlt.ru

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