Exhibition “Russia. Bread. Salt” in the Russian Pavilion on Expo Milano 2015

pavilion-panorama11 May — 31 October Milan.
The international Universal Exhibition — or simply ‘Expo’ — takes place every five years and has become the global ‘window’ through which the scientific and cultural achievements of participating countries can be seen.
The World Expo has been the first platform for some of the greatest inventions of humankind, for innovative technologies and for monuments and architecture that is renowned throughout the world.
The World Expo Host City sub-divides the exhibition site into individual territories which are allocated to the participating countries for their country pavilions. Each Expo is organised around a universal theme, and the next one, taking place in Milan, will take on the subject of food.
Expo 2015 in Milan will provide the opportunity to delve into the history of human food and food production through the prism of culture as well as in the sphere of technology and innovation. The World Expo will not only bring together under one roof all the players in the global food industry, but it will also take visitors on a voyage of discovery through this most universal of themes, underscoring the different types of challenges facing the world’s population in the present day.

  • 145 participating countries will demonstrate their scientific and technological achievements
  • 20 mln are expected to visit the World Expo Milan in 2015
  • 1.7 mln sq. m. of exhibition space at the Expo site

World Expo in Milan will encompass a huge site, dedicated to addressing the theme of food, global food security and the health of our planet. Educational elements shall be integrated into all events, performances, shows and installations, allowing visitors to learn ecological best practice in the production and consumption of food. To summarise the full scope of the exhibition’s theme, the Organisers have determined seven key areas of focus:


Expo 2015 has become the biggest forum in the world for the advancement of ideas, the demonstration of new technologies and the establishment of business contacts. The effective use of cutting-edge technology has always been an important aspect of Expo: in 2015 smartphone users will be able to experience the event interactively, as well as on a more traditional level.

The Russian Federation is an initiator and prominent participant in the global discussion on the quality of and accessibility to food for its own population and for the world. As one of the most influential players in the global agricultural produce market, our country has a unique opportunity to guarantee food supply to every person on the planet.

At the Milan Expo, the Russian pavilion will demonstrate its sheer scale as reflected by its food resources. Russia’s vast reserves of water and arable land, its great scientists and their contributions to agriculture, its diversity of national cuisines and tradition — all this will be presented in an accessible and entertaining format, engaging visitors not only through interactive displays but also through live tastings of food and drink.
Expo 2015 Milano takes place from 1 May to 31 October 2015 and includes a full programme of events dedicated to the overall theme: food safety, development, sustainable food production and culinary traditions.

Download Program of the 2nd International Business Forum: “Russia’s role in providing global food security”
3 June 2015, Conference Hall, Russian Pavilion, EXPO-City, Milan, Italy.
Participation in the forum is free, registration upon special invitation from the organizers
Please send your confirmation to register@russia2015.com by 27 May 2015

For more information please visit website www.russiaexpo2015.com

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