The «Russian Investment Summit 2017»

The «Russian Investment Summit 2017» was organised in London on the 23th of March by the NewSpartaEvents company in cooperation with the Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the UK and the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC).

The Summit was focused on the current and future outlook for investments into the Russian market, risk mitigation strategies dictated by the present geopolitical environment, currency and oil price fluctuations, the level of investor protection as well as asset allocation strategies. Along with that, the format of the event allowed attendees to join a specific break out discussion in relation to investment classes either in stock market, fixed income, private equity and real estate investments.

The event was opened by Dr. Boris Abramov, the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom. Within four panel sessions of the Summit the participants discussed the most important issues on the Russian-British investment and economic relations, including business climate and challenges for strengthening the bilateral relations.

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