Sberbank to hold competition for IT developers

sberbankSberbank invites IT developers to take part in a competition to create a prototype of an applied solution that delivers financial services in real time. Participants will be able to select the type of service and how it will be applied. The solution must employ an in-memory stack (in-memory data grid or in-memory computing technology). Ideas that incorporate the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence are preferable. The team that proposes the best solution will be awarded a prize of 400,000 roubles.
“In-memory technologies have transformed from a trend to an industry standard for addressing problems that demand an extreme level of productivity. These technologies are actively used by leading global corporations.This is why Sberbank places special focus on developing in-memory expertise in Russia,” commented Mikhail Khasin, Senior Managing Director of Sberbank’s Technology Block.
The key criteria that will be used to select the winning team are: innovation and potential use of the idea, application of IMDG/IMC technology, and the efficiency and scalability of the prototype. To help create the prototypes, participants will be granted access to a public cloud with ready-made infrastructure. The link to the cloud will be provided after registration.
Applications for participation will be accepted until September 14, 2017. Descriptions of ideas and prototypes will be accepted until September 29, 2017. Teams can be made up of one or more people. The geography of the competition is Russia. The teams responsible for the best projects will be invited to attend an awards ceremony.

Please navigate to the competition website to register.

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