The themed train ‘The Heart of Russia’ launched on the London underground

Over the course of centuries, Russia has contributed greatly to world culture – and now its greatest achievements will be showcased with the launch of specially themed train operating on London’s underground.
Seven uniquely designed carriages will provide a valuable insight into Russian achievements in various landmark subjects such as architecture, art, science, ballet, cinema, literature and space studies as well as showcase famous sights in Moscow.
Called “The Heart of Russia,” the distinctively decorated trains will feature white, blue and red, the colors of both Russia and the UK’s national flags — although the main color will be supplemented with royal golden.
Inside the carriages lesser-known facts are highlighted by dates and descriptions of various achievements.
The initiative is timed to cross the year of science and education of the Russian Federation and Britain. The trains will operated on both the Hammersmith & City as well as the district line which carry more than a million passengers a day. The first train ran on Thursday, October 25.
“This is the largest ever project of two largest metros in the world. The train will show that our countries have a lot in common that we have something to share and something to learn from each other,” said Maxim Liksutov, deputy mayor of Moscow and head of Moscow’s Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.


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