“Dodo Pizza” restaurant is to be the first Russian pizza in the UK.

Today the Russian chain of pizzerias Dodo Pizza Brighton has opened first restaurant in Brighton!
“Dodo Pizza” restaurant is business format franchise and it should become the first step towards the entering delivery-oriented mass market brand in Britain. “Dodo Pizza” aims to compete with British fast food chains such as Domino’s Pizza, Papa Johns and many others. Company features special delivery model.
“Dodo Pizza” is an international restaurant chain represented by over 250 pizzerias across 10 countries, including Russia, the USA, China and the UK.
According to Euromonitor International the restaurant’s amount and profit made chain of pizzerias “Dodo Pizza” is number one in Russia, company left far behind competitors such as Domino’s and Papa Johns.
Dodo Pizza was founded in 2011 in Syktyvkar, Komi Republic by an innovative entrepreneur Fedor Ovchinnikov.
For the last six years the innovative approach has revitalized outdated business and made company the market leader.
“Dodo Pizza” is an example of digital transformation. There is cloud-based system in the core of company’s franchise – own ground-baking cloud-dwelling ERP software. It coordinates processes and optimizes resources. The result is a fully transparent streamlined business system with a powerful competitive edge.
In fact “Dodo Pizza” is an IT-company which produces pizza and develops franchising.

Official website: http://www.dodopizza.co.uk/

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