What does the latest Brexit concession mean?

The government’s decision to cave into backbench pressure and seek statutory approval for whatever divorce deal it strikes with Brussels has rekindled fears about the future of Brexit itself, and closer examination of the fine print raises more questions than answers about the true scale of its climbdown.
Assuming there is a withdrawal deal struck with the EU over the next year – itself a far from certain outcome given current deadlock in Brussels – then Britain’s parliament will be asked to pass legislation putting it all into UK law. Not only will this mean a binding vote by a majority of MPs, but it also provides an opportunity to table amendments, which could theoretically even force some element of renegotiation. The Brexit secretary, David Davis, says that failure to pass the bill (or passing any overly ambitious amendments) will simply mean that Britain crashes out without an exit deal at all. Nonetheless it introduces yet more doubt about the government’s ability to maintain balance as it tip-toes across the Brexit tightrope.

Resource: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/13/what-does-the-latest-brexit-concession-mean

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