Turnover between Russia and the UK rose by 41,1%

According to the British customs statistics, in January 2018 the turnover between Russia and the UK rose by 41,1% in comparison to the same period last year. The British export to Russia expanded by 17,2% and the Russian export to the UK increased by 54,9%. Growth of Russia’s non-resource export showed quality improvements +11,6%. Alongside with the traditionally high activity in mineral raw materials (+92,9) the Russian non-resource export structure also evidenced strong growth in 3,6 times in [50-67] textile, footwear, but also:
– [71] precious stones, precious metals, articles thereof +76.9%
– [84-90] machinery and mechanical appliances, apparatus +35.0%
– [68-70] articles of stone, ceramic products, glass and glassware +104.1%.

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