Special economic zone “TITANIUM VALLEY”

“TITANIUM VALLEY” – is a special economic zone (SEZ) of industrial production type in Sverdlovsk region with special legal status and preferential economic conditions for national and international enterpreneurs.

SEZ “Titanium Valley” has entered class “A” group of industrial parks with a total score of 22.86 points. Leaders of the rating – technopolis “Himgrad” and SEZ “Alabuga”, both located in Tatarstan, were scored at 28.71 points and 27.60 points respectively. 85 major sites were evaluated in 2018: greenfield projects with a total area of minimum 40 hectares, brownfield projects with a total area of minimum 5 hectares.

This is a second rating of investment attractiveness of parks and SEZ compiled by analytical center “Expert”. Methodologically, projects were evaluated on 28 parameters. Parameters were divided into 6 large groups: “Services and management”, “Location”, “Cost of resources”, “Benefits”, “Working with residents” and “Region of location”.

SEZ “Titanium Valley” entered the TOP-10 sites in category “Working with residents”, receiving the same score as SEZ “Alabuga” and private SEZ “Stupino Quadrat”. “Titanium Valley” also entered the TOP-10 parks and SEZs with cheap resources.

In 2017, “Titanium Valley” was included in the annual rating of world’s free economic zones “Global Free Zones of the Year” by Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence (FDI) magazine (division of Financial Times). In total, the magazine distinguished 57 free zones worldwide.

The Ural SEZ got recognition in two categories. It is recognized as the only free zone in the world specializing in metallurgy. In addition to that, “Titanium Valley” is recognized among the zones, which managed to attract largest investors.

Contact Information:
Special economic zone Titanium Valley
Verkhnyaya Salda
Sverdlovsk Region, Russian Federation
Titanium Valley OJSC SEZ in Ekaterinburg
address: 620075,51, Malysheva str.,
office 2102 tel.:+7 (343) 283-08 83
e-mail: welcome@titanium-valley.com
e-mail: kyzlasov@titanium-valley.com
Tel: +7 (912) 0401333

Oficial website: http://titanium-valley.com/eng/

Presentation  http://titanium-valley.com/files/SEZ%20Titanium%20Valley.pdf

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