Intensive technologies, LLC

«Intensive technologies» LLC.Co. produce an agriculture machines for cattle feeding and keeping under brand «Hozain». During 20 years the company has created on CIS market high level of the demand for its products. «Intensive technologies» are leaders in CIS on produced trailed techniques for agriculture in segment of feeding machines and semi-trailers for agriculture. The company’s share of the market in Russia is more than 25% in its range of the goods. Under trade brand «Hozain» the company produces:
• total mixed ratio mixers of horizontal and vertical types;
• straw blowers for cattle bedding;
• semi-trailers for transportation of agricultural cargoes;
• manure spreaders.

The company is interested in cooperation as with new dialers (Trade Company) who work in their countries and could sell «Intensive technologies’» products in a new market, also in strategic partner who has experience in production of the machines for agriculture and would like to create a joint stock company for production of the machines for agriculture in Russia.
Here below are main advantages for such partner from cooperation with «Intensive technologies»:

1. Increasing of the value of the partner’s sales on CIS territory including EEC countries (Custom union- Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirgizia) on account of coming to new markets and promotion partner’s goods trough our existing dialer’s net.
2. Decreasing of the logistics costs on account of assembling partner’s machines on our production areas.
3. As «Intensive technologies» have production on the territory of Russia that provide to be a participant of various statement programs which support local producers and to get subsidies from government for techniques and machines which «Intensive technologies» produce here.
4. Supporting by the Government of the manufactures in agriculture sphere by huge operator «Rosagroleasing» by the possibility to buy agriculture techniques on exemption terms will increase value of the sales in to Russia.
5. Proximity and accessibility of the Russian market with his potential and availability of the daughter company and dealers net there guaranty of the high level of the sales in this region.

For strategic partner «Intensive technologies» provide opportunity to buy a share in business.


Contact information:

Intensive technologies, LLC Smolyaninova str., h. 5 Russian Federation, 214031, Smolensk tel. / fax (4812) 20 07 28
Anatoly N. Fedyukovich, founder of the group of companies «Hozain»
+375 29 676 12 64
+7 910 727 59 84
+7 916 348 76 76
Yuri O.Lavrov, Deputy Director +7 910 726 84 95

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