Launch of online service for investors in mariculture in the Russian Far East

The Far East and Baikal Region Development Fund (FEDF or the Fund) – has recently launched single-window service for investors interested in the mariculture industry of the Russian Far East. Current version of the e-platform can be found via the following link Fully functioning version will be available starting from the end of July 2018. Interested parties may explore the functionality of the new platform via the following link

Aquaculture Online Service_Slidedeck

FEDF was established in 2011 by the decision of the President and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. FEDF is a state policy institution for the development of the Far East and acts both as an investor and as advisor to the Government of Russia.

Russian Far Eastern seas represent one of the biggest untapped potential for mariculture in the world. Area available for mariculture development exceeds 65 million hectares with the potential to produce over 65 million tons of fish & seafood products per year.

The interactive system has opened a direct access to the evolving and tremendously promising market supported by increasing demand from fast-growing Asian countries. The newly established e-platform shows aquatorium open for mariculture in the Russian Far East so that an investor could secure an area for new aquafarming plots. The size of one plot ranges between 100 and 5000 hectares. Please note that only Russian legal entities, including the ones with foreign charted capital, as well as individual entrepreneurs are qualified to participate in the auction. Electronic digital signature (EDS) and official registration on the tender platform ( will be required to work at this e-platform.

The auction for the first farming plot has already been announced, application process will end on July 10th, 2018, admitted participants will start submitting their bids on July 17th, 2018. E-auctions for the next 45 farming plots with a total area of 9000 hectares will be held by September 13th, 2018. Information regarding the plots may be found via the following link Starting from July month-end investors will be able to form a farming plot using the e-platform based on the available aquatorium and participate in the auction to obtain long term use rights for the farm plot.

In case of your interest in fast developing aquaculture business in the Russian Far East, including forming a joint venture with the established Russian player, please indicate a contact person and send us an email, our team will communicate the details to the FEDF. If you want to communicate with FEDF directly, please find contact information below:

FEDF’s contact details:
Anna Murzich, Emil Gazizyanov
Phone: +7 (495) 540 47 37

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