Discover natural and organic food from Siberia

Company Siberian Secret supports a healthy lifestyle and strives to share the richness of ecologically pure Siberia. We create exclusively natural products to strengthen immunity and support the body during workdays and a period of intensive physical activities. We harvest raw materials in ecologically pure regions of Siberia. The manufacturing and storing facilities are located in Altai Region, Republic of Altai, and Tomsk Region.

We control the whole chain of product creation – from collecting wild herbs and plants, to design and delivery of finished products.

Ecological pureness and richness of Siberian nature; Modern manufacturing technologies; Traditional recipes; Strict quality control in accordance with international standards; and Extensive experience in export activities – all these allow us to move towards the realization of our goal – the popularization of Siberian natural health products in the international market.

Contact details:

656002, Russian Federation, Altai Krai, Barnaul City, Sovetskaya, 6-24

   +7-913 -279-2978

Download detailed presentations using links below:

Wildharvested Mushrooms Natural Chaga Siberian Secrett Llc

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