Richman Mineral fertilizers from Bashkortostan. Good for plants, useful for business.


RICHMAN-Mineral LLC produces «Eco Potassium™», an organic fertilizer, reaching total monthly output of up to 540 tons. Eco Potassium™ is a potash-magnesium pelleted chlorine-free organic fertilizer based on
sunflower husk ashes. The elements composition can be expressed as P5K32Mg10S12. Total primary nutrients amount to approximately 70 %.
In addition to crop yield gain, Eco Potassium™ improves the quality of the grown products by increasing plants’ immunity against diseases, endurance during storage and transportation, and by refining their taste and look.
The fertilizer is highly efficient in soils with low magnesium content and for cultures sensitive to harmful chlorine effect (buckwheat, potato, soy beans, peas, flax, vegetables, tobacco, grapes).
Sulphur presence makes this fertilizer highly valuable for growing crucifers, legumes and other
cultures positive to fertilizers containing sulphur.
Package types:
– big bag (MKR 75х75х120), 700 kg each,
– polypropylene sacks, 25 kg each
FCA and FOB shipment (and delivery) by motorway or railroad.
Conditions of delivery to buyer’s warehouse can be negotiated.
Price in big bags (700 kg) – €260/ton
Price in PP bags (25 kg) – €300/ton
The prices are as per FCA from village Arslanovo, Bashkortostan, Russia.

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