OPEN EVENING for parents – AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual School

Invitation: Open evening on November 8 for parents and children for England’s first Russian-English bilingual school

Registration is open and places available in new prime London location in Hammersmith

Prospective parents, children and friends are invited to visit AZBUKA, Ofsted-approved Russian-English Bilingual Primary School and Nursery now in its new location. The open evening will be in English, with questions and answers in both languages.

AZBUKA has promoted Russian-English bilingual education since 2000 through a highly successful and oversubscribed nursery in west London, a Russian cultural centre and a Russian Saturday school with a curriculum specially designed for bilingual children.

It operates a high quality, low cost independent school with small classes able to integrate Britain’s and Russia’s educational traditions to offer the best of both worlds.

It deploys the English curriculum, drawing on the English tradition of “hands-on”, active learning and an experimental approach to teaching and learning. It embraces Russia’s reputation for outstanding teaching in fundamental sciences, maths and its great traditions in music, literature and the creative arts.

Its teachers are native English and Russian speakers and are experienced and qualified to teach in England, Russia and Europe, use the evidence of best practice in bilingual education to deliver a world-class education.

Bilingualism provides children with thinking skills in both languages, keeps them in touch with family and heritage, and helps them grow up confident in their bicultural identities.

More than 900 children have gone through the AZBUKA Nursery and Saturday school programme since the start of the millennium. The children report hugely enjoying the creative educational programme while gaining top grades in their GCSEs and A levels (three years ahead of their peers) and preserving their Russian culture and bilingual identity.

AZBUKA recognises the importance of preparing children for admission to secondary schools that are academically selective, including state and independent schools, Russian and international schools. It will provide extra-curricular support through preparation for the entrance exams of the most popular secondary schools to ensure our its students realise their full academic potential.

telephone: 02083922286

Open day and presentation – 8 November, Tuesday, 7pm,
AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual school and Nursery, 
Studland Hall, Studland Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0JS (map)

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