Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC-NFMP) is looking for partners and export opportunities on the UK market

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company was founded in October 1999.
UMMC-NFMP division was founded in May 2007 in order to manage the
following factories processing non-ferrous metals: JSC “Kirov non-ferrous
metals processing plant” , PJSC “Revda non-ferrous metal processing
Along with other products of these enterprises, UMMC-NFMP sells
products of JSC “Copper Pipe Plant “(Serbia, Majdanpek).

UMMC is a recognized leader among Russian manufacturers of non-ferrous metals.
• Was founded in 1956.
• Produces a wide range of flat and round rolled products from copper and
copper alloys.
• The company is implementing a program of technical re-equipment of
rolling-stocking capacities, and the following results have been achieved by
Adapting of high-performance technologies: processing of billets
weighing 5 tons; manufacturing strips and sheets 0.5–4.0 mm thick
and up to 1000 mm wide.
Increasing the range of products with improved characteristics (in
accuracy, surface finish, stability of technological features), expanding
the range of its application in various industries.
Reducing the cost of products through the use of new technologies
and equipment.

Contact Alexander Shchukin for extra details, Export Sales Manager,

Tel +7 (34368)98002 ext.1584

Mob +7 912 24 80 355

Fax +7 (34368 )98164

Skype: avs19791

Email: SHAV@ocm.ru

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