OLES Plant – one of the leading manufacturers of glued laminated timber in Russia – looking for partners and distributors in the UK

OLES Plant produce prefabricated house sets and build houses on a turnkey basis.

We use modern technologies in production and construction adapted to the Russian climate.

We offer individual designs capable of meeting requirements, preferences and wishes of our customers.

We produce glued laminated timber by ourselves and that is why our prices are so low.

Full production cycle

We possess our own raw-material base and production facilities with wood-gluing presses of 12 and 13.5 meter long, enabling to implement the most bold architect decisions and achieve high quality at all stages of work.

Environmental friendliness

We deal with ecologically-safe and qualitative materials. We use glue with no melamine, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. The glue is certified for the production of wooden structures without limitation of load class and operation conditions.

Swiss equipment

We perform cutting of edge-forming joints with windbreak locks and drilling of fastener holes on the computerized Swiss machine KRUZI-CMI 4×4 enabling to avoid deviations from project dimensions.

Experienced builders

We build houses all the year round and our builders’ teams are permanent. Thanks to careful production management it is easier and more convenient to use technical documentation and materials. Therefore, our teams implement projects of any complexity to a good quality and speed.

High-quality raw material

Glued laminated timber is made from fir or pine trees harvested in ecologically-safe regions of Valdai, Arkhangelsk and Siberia. You may choose glued laminated timber of any sizes up to 265 mm high and 235 mm wide.

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