SIMKOMAT fully automates client subscription with digital channels. Exceed your clients’ expectations amid the changing market.

SIMKOMAT is the best way to upgrade and automate a POS so customers  can subscribe to any service anytime and anywhere.

Its benefits are:

●       Low operating expenses.

●       Streamline digital sales.

●       Improved customer service quality.

●       Complies  with KYC requirements.

●       Business scalability: SIMKOMAT is much more efficient than any retail office.

SIMKOMAT for business

SIMKOMAT  is an ideal solution for any company which deals with ISO-7810 cards, namely:

Telecom operators SIM cards
Bank and financial institutions Bank cards
Commercial property Access systems
Retail Discount and loyalty cards

Monitoring and statistics

SIMKOMAT software collects all data necessary to:

  • Monitor the remaining SIM cards.
  • Generate progress reports, including transaction reports, service notifications, error reports, analytics, etc.


          Terminal solutions was founded in 2012. The company develops the SIMKOMAT hardware and software platforms with the integrated CHECKU identity verification system. This allows  telecom operators to streamline their SIM-card sales via digital channels.

The company has already implemented a number of projects in Russia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, etc.


121069, Russia, Moscow, Merzlyakovsky pereulok, 15/3

+7 (499) 490-69-99

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