UVL Robotics – service provider of robotic solutions in logistics

UVL Robotics is a high-tech company which specializes on development and production of multi-rotary type UAVs with vertical take-off and landing on hydrogen-air fuel cells.

The company was founded by leading experts in the field of aviation and robotics systems design with experience in scientific and industrial enterprises.

Company is looking for the UK warehouse owners, e-commerce, retilers and IT-integrators to offer exclusive partnership and cooperation.

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Warehouse UAVs:

1. What objects can be serviced by warehouse UAV?
Unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to work in warehouses with multi-tiered front racks. The width of the aisles (narrow pass or wide pass) does not matter. We can also consider the possibility of operating a UAV in warehouses with packed or gravitational racks.

2. Is it mandatory to have the address storage system on the warehouse?
Not necessary. But in the absence of an address storage system, it is impossible to ensure the accuracy of recalculation, and also to effectively conduct a selective inventory.

3. What are the labeling requirements for storage?
The presence of a barcode or QR code on the front side of the pallet is required. Barcode format (1D, 2D) and vertical orientation are irrelevant. Barcodes should not be jammed, overlaid on the edge of the pallets, as well as exposed to other influences that prevent them from reading without mechanical impact on them.

4. What is the price of warehouse UAV and what it includes?
We do not sell unmanned aerial vehicles, but provide inventory services of full cycle

5. What are the advantages of the service model in comparison with the buying of unmanned aerial vehicle?
•  In case of service model a customer does not need to hire and train the technical personal in work with UAV, also there is no need to organize an appropriate storage and maintenance infrastructure. 
•  We are constantly improving our product, taking into account the replication of new technologies and feedback from customers, and therefore we guarantee our customers that each new inventory cycle is carried out with the most modern technical solutions and software upgrades.

6. How is the verification of inventory data obtained using an unmanned aerial vehicle?
There are two principal options:
1. Providing access by the client is directly integrated with the warehouse management system (WMS)
2. If it is impossible to integrate with WMS, the scan data is uploaded to a consistent format (for example, Excel spreadsheet).

7. Should customer make any significant changes of warehouse infrastructure before start of inventory counts by drones?
Our technology does not require the customer to make changes to the warehouse infrastructure. Starting cooperation and analyzing the customer’s object, we only give recommendations, what adjustments can increase the efficiency and attractiveness of our service for the customer. In fact, the key recommendations are related to the format and location of the applied barcode marking.

8. How to start the inventory with UVL Robotics?
Start to work with us is easy. Just call or email us. We will ask questions about your object, clarify its characteristics, storage format, pallet marking standard. We will ask to give us some photos: a general view of the alley, an example of pallet-places with marking, samples of marking. By agreement, we go to the warehouse to explore the infrastructure. We will need from you a planogram of the warehouse with dimensions (width of passage, height of shelving, etc.) and storage addressing.

Delivery UAVs:

1. What tasks can be resolved by an UAV?
The unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to make small deliveries (up to 5 kg) between fixed sites, to hard-to-reach zones and remote areas.

2. What practical range (in km) can the UAV cover? 
Autonomous drone can fly up to 180 minutes with a payload of up to 5 kg. In this case, the maximum covered range with the possibility of refueling at the destination is 130 km.

3. What are the weather conditions of the UAVs?
The UAV can be operated in the temperature range from -40*С to +40*С with wind speed of up to 10 m / s.

4. What is the key advantages of our solution?
Our UAVs use a hydrogen-to-air fuel cell fuel system that converts the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity. The energy system on hydrogen-air fuel cells increases the autonomous flight time by 3-4 times compared with lithium batteries, and also allows flights at negative temperatures (up to -40 degrees) without loss of system power consumption.

5. Is the use of hydrogen dangerous?
Hydrogen is stored in a cylinder under pressure and does not pose a threat if the elementary safety measures that apply to any domestic gas available for general retail are observed.

6. Where to get hydrogen for refueling?
In each region of the Russian Federation, hydrogen can be obtained from Linde Gas, which is our strategic partner.

7. How does the principle of communication and navigation UAV?
The UAV is equipped with a long-range control system (over 10 km). Navigation has a dual reservation system (there is a constant comparison from two modules and a choice of more accurate coordinates; the modules support all available satellite constellations). Also, the 4G system is used to control the position and control of the UAV, which allows to receive video, telemetry data, location, speed, altitude – regardless of the location of the operator.

8. How safe is a UAV flight?
Flight safety is our top priority. The main UAV systems have different redundancy levels, ensuring high reliability and effectively reducing the probability of failure of control systems to zero. Unlike conventional drones, our UAVs will not return to the starting point in case of emergency situations, which can be dangerous, but will automatically decide to land at intermediate reserve points that are safe to land. These points are built by us in the route of the UAV.

9. What is the cost of a UAV?
We provide the delivery service by drones, without transferring the UAV in the property. Other forms of cooperation are discussed individually.

10. What are the advantages of the service before the acquisition?
With the service model, the customer does not need to train and keep specialists working with UAVs, there is no need to organize the appropriate storage and maintenance infrastructure.
We are constantly improving our product, taking into account the replication of new technologies and the receipt of feedback from customers, and consequently we guarantee our customers to provide service with the most modern technical solutions and software updates.

11. How to start work with us?
Call or email us. Our experts will analyze your task for the selection of the optimal configuration of the UAV.

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