History of the knife Factory «Lemax» Pavlovo

Pavlovo is a city 75 km South-West of Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation). Spread out on the steep right Bank of the Oka, picturesquely scattered along the steep ravines, occupies a special place in the history of our region. This is the capital of the famous in the XIX century for the whole of Russia steel-forestry industries; wonderful products of artisanal workers put forward Pavlovsky Metalworking area in a number of economic centers of national importance. Products of masters from Pavlovо were well known not only in our country, where they actually had no competition, but also outside Russia.

The documentary history of Pavlov begins in the second half of the XVI century, under Ivan the terrible, when to protect the Oka crossing on the ancient highway Nizhny Novgorod — Murom — Moscow is built on a steep Spassky mountain wooden fortress-jail. The archers carried a garrison and frontier service, and also ran errands for the local administration. They did not pay taxes, were not engaged in agriculture, but they were allowed to have smithies and engage in fishing, hunting. The garrison of the fortress “Pavlov Ostrog” in the XVI century consisted of 50 people led by Sagittarius centurion. Similar fortresses were erected then along all borders of the Moscow state. But in the next century, the Pavlovskaya fortress loses its defensive role, and Pavlovo develops in the future as a commercial village, the patrimony of the princes of Cherkassy, and later — the counts of Sheremetevs.

In Pavlov in addition to archers under the protection of the jail settled and artisans — blacksmiths, tinsmiths, coppersmiths, barrels, potters. They were pioneers of metal-working Providence that brought Pavlov Russian glory.

In the XVII century in Pavlov dominated gunsmiths and locks. In the first half of the XVII century, the division of labor increased and many new types of products appeared: table knives and forks, folding knives, scissors, razors, artistically designed metal products. Pavlovo was famous for its castles from the old days. Traditional products of Metalworkers were knives and forks, with cuttings of mother-of-pearl, bone, ebony, folding and penknives, daggers, artistically designed multi-purpose knives, razors. Earlier handicraftsmen-singles, then labor artels, and now private firms do not cease to surprise with variety of forms, design and durability of the knives. Getting to the Museum of local lore Pavlovo, involuntarily remember Lefty, shod flea. What knives will not see it. Here and the Kremlin, fully assembled from knives, and folding knife-pig, numbering about 200 items, and the smallest folding knife, which should be considered under m.

Without violating the traditions of their ancestors – the knife makers, and given their vast experience, as well as the needs of modern life, removing all the pros and cons in today’s knife-craft we, in turn, namely a well-known company “Dirks Russia” and “Blade” merged into a single enterprise «LEMAX» Pavlovo knife to create products.

A variety of knife brands of steels of the leading European steel mills, application for handles of knives of valuable breeds of the stabilized (canned) wood, refined design of a blade of a knife as continuation of a human hand and soul, high quality of production-all found application in a knife line of the «Lemax» Pavlovo company.

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