The Exhibition and Show “Calibre 20.20. Hunting and Firearms, Fishing and Camping”

The Exhibition and Show “Calibre 20.20” is a unique for the Urals platform where prominent manufactures, retailers and buyers of hunting, fishing and active recreation products could meet and interact.

It is the thematic place for showcasing the relevant products and the equipment.

Organizer: International Exhibition Center “Ekaterinburg EXPO”
Event dates: 9-12 April 2020

Key participants of the Exhibition:

  • Main manufactures and distributors of the hunting firearms
  • Manufactures and retailers of the products for hunting, fishing and active recreation products
  • Service providers in the field of hunting, fishing and active recreation

Expected number of visitors – 10 000 people
Expected number of exhibitors – more than 100 companies

Total exhibition space –

  • Indoor exhibition space – 12 000 m2
  • Outdoor exhibition space – 30 000 m2

The main components of the Event

The “Calibre” has three integrated parts: the Exhibition, the business program and the recreational and entertainment activities:

  • The Exhibition represented the product range of the most famous Ural brands in 2019, it will represent the Russian national brands and products of the nearby countries in 2020, and Russian and International brands in 2021.
  • The Show includes interactive entertainment activities for those who come for fun as well as for the industry professionals, it will be also possible to test drive cars, special vehicles and equipment
  • Business program embraces a forum focusing on the hottest issues, challenges and trends of the civilian firearms manufacturing, hunting, fishing and active lifestyle as well as master classes, public talks, topical round tables with the industry experts

Key Exhibition events:

  1. Valuation and exhibition of the hunted trophies – to promote hunting for trophies, to help hunting farms to develop further and to increase human awareness of the importance of the wildlife protection 
  2. A field meeting of Expert Council of the Russian State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation discussing the legal regulations for the Hunting industry as well as the counter poaching measures.
  3. All-Russian Meeting of the Executive bodies of the Russian regions entitled the “Problems and Perspectives of Development of Hunting farms in the Russian Federation”
  4. A meeting with a documental film director and a trophies hunter Mr. Sergey Yastrzhembsky, a screening of his film
  5. Moto Quadro Trials and auto sports competitions – large scale urban races by off-roaders, test drives of the vehicles open to public
  6. Crossbow and pneumatic guns shooting galleries
  7. Archery master classes and shooting competitions
  8. Trip to the shooting range
  9. Activities organized by the Alliance of the Russian Gunmakers
  10. Sport and patriotic activities organized by the DOSAAF (Russian Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy) and by the YUNARMY (Youth Patriotic Organization)

The Event is endorsed by:

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation              
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

The Government of Sverdlovsk Region

The Alliance of the Russian Gunmakers

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