Online educational platform that breaks down barriers

Everytale is a visionary company with the mission: to digitize the education industry and give people in every region of the world, regardless of their financial situation, language skills, or disadvantages, an opportunity to develop academically. Their product is an interactive platform that completely digitalizes learning while adding a possibility to spread the knowledge overseas through uploading prerecorded videos and broadcasting to 100,000+ people. Due to Everytale’s speech-to-text solution and translation to any language based on artificial intelligence we fill missing gaps in the information flow between teachers and all possible learners, especially to include people from disabled and disadvantaged groups. Further, Everytale offers a row of tools like issuing questionnaires, exams, and chat boxes, which make the daily life of all students and teachers much easier.

Everytale is individually customizable for each user, as they can decide which content and tools are relevant for their customers. The easy to use platform offers tutors and organizations a convenient and secure solution.

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