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The Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom as a governmental body is acting on the basis of the bilateral intergovernmental agreement and representing economic interests of Russia in this country.

The Trade Delegation is one of the organizers of the functioning and active provider of the solutions for the Russia-Britain Intergovernmental Steering Committee on Trade and Investment and its working groups on High-tech, Energy, Construction and Aviation/Aerospace. The Committee is considered to be one of the most effective forms of the support to business.

We provide:

  • Information on economic and social development in Russia and in the UK as well as on activities of the official bodies and companies of the two countries;
  • Consultations on the legislation in the field of investments and trade both in Russia and the UK including establishing representation offices and setting up branches of British companies in Russia, on implementation of joint projects in various industries;
  • Assistance in finding of potential partners for co-operation in various areas of activity (export/import of goods, services and investments).

If you are going to start or to extend business with Russia, please don’t hesitate to contact us promptly.

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