Chelyabinsk Region: Time to invest!

Modern world requires regions to be actively involved into global integrating processes, broaden economic connections, undertake radical renovation and diversify production. In the Chelyabinsk area these conditions are regarded as of crucial importance for regional economic policy.
For the past two decades the Chelyabinsk Region has changed essentially and now appears to be one of the leading regions in Russia. It demonstrates mobility and is open to business cooperation. Over 300 new manufactures and enterprises have recently emerged on an economic map of area including those with the foreign capital. Metallurgical sector, leader in regional investment, has been updated for 70%. Moreover, Chelyabinsk Region’s agriculture has proved that it may become a sector with a sound economic growth.
The Region’s economy is quite diversified. One can start here manufacture of practically any kind: from mining or mechanical engineering up to building construction, IT and food stuffs production. The education system anticipates and acts in response to the region’s demands for well educated personnel. Advanced transport and social infrastructure, wide network of financial institutions and Region’s long-term strategy to attract investments– all contribute to a sustained economic progress.
According to the President Putin, “Efficiency of modern Russian economy would be achieved by combining traditional and essentially new sectors, high-end technologies, efficient workplaces, ample opportunities for intellectual labor and creativity”. Chelyabinsk Region certainly meets these requirements.

Mikhail Yurevich
The Chelyabinsk region Governor


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