How to check a background of the Russian company.

Q: I am looking to do some business with a company in Russia and I would like to know how I can do a background check on the company. In England we can use services from Companies House etc, can you advise how I can check on Russian companies please.

A: Information from the United Register of Legal Entities about Russian legal entities (regarding state registration, any changes of their foundation documents, licenses, etc.) can be found at the official Internet site of the registration authority by placing name of the legal entity or its State Register Number (ОГРН) or Tax Registration number (ИНН) into the appropriate field of the form.
More detailed information about Russian legal entities is available only on the territory of the Russian Federation on a paid basis after a direct application made by your company.
Besides, background checks on the Russian legal entities and individual businessmen are performed by a number of private companies in Russia on a paid basis.
We could also offer you to provide us the name and registration details of the Russian company so that we can see if we would be able to find any background on it.

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