Advice on the Rostekhnadzor certification for selling products to Russia.

Q: I am looking for some advice on the Rostekhnadzor certification for selling our products in to Russia. We manufacture Diesel & Natural Gas generating sets for power needs. Do we need to obtain the certificate or is the end user in Russia who needs approval? From my understanding, it is a permit for the use of the equipment. Is this correct? We have some enquiries from Russia, and some have mentioned the approval. If we do require this, please advise how we go about obtaining the certificate and the costs for the same.

A: In accordance with article 29 of Federal Law no. 184-fz of 27 December, 2002 “On Technical Regulation” for import of some kinds of products (goods) to Russia, importer is obliged to present to the customs authorities together with the customs declaration the compliance certificate, the declaration of compliance or documents of their recognition in accordance with Article 30 of this Federal Law.
More then ten lists of such goods have been already approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.
If the codes of imported goods comply with the codes of goods from these lists, importer should present to the customs authorities the declaration of compliance or another document, certifying that the goods released for circulation comply with the requirements of technical regulations.
For example, several codes of diesel engines and diesel generators are mentioned in the List of machines and equipment requiring obligatory confirmation of compliance when placed under customs regimes permitting alienation or use for their designated purposes on the customs territory of the Russian Federation (endorsed by Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 92 of 26 February, 2010).
Information about certification and customs import procedures is available at the websites: and
Based on the above, we would advise to involve a professional broker having experience in working with the Russian customs legislation, who will be able, based on technical specifications of the imported items, to determine their product codes and prepare the necessary documentation in accordance with the Russian customs law. The list of such brokers for each country of the
Customs Union is available at the Union’s website:
We also attach an extract from the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation” (in English) which contains provisions mentioned above and the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation no. 92 of 26 February, 2010.

Download Federal law on technical regulation no.184-fz of 27-12- 2002

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