Jewellery Plant «Topaz» – the largest manufacturer of jewellery and located in Kostroma Region

Jewellery Plant «Topaz» is the largest manufacturer of jewellery and located in Kostroma – the ancient Russian city, which is famous for it’s beautiful monasteries, churches and jewellery craft. Kostroma goldsmiths have been working on perfection of their skills and today Kostroma is justly called «The Jewellery capital» of Russia. … More

The business-mission of the scientists and business representatives from Russia to the UK to share British experience in sustainable construction standards and technologies


A business-mission to the UK (London, Watford, Cambridge) was held on 20-22 February 2017 led by the President of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering Dr. Valeriy Telichenko. The business-mission was organised by the Russian Trade Delegation in the UK. The main goals of the mission was share and implement … More

Eastern Economic Forum 2017

The second Eastern Economic Forum is set to take place on September 6–7, 2017 in Vladivostok, with the participation of high-level Russian government officials. The event provides a showcase for Russia’s new economic policy in the Far East. The Forum will be attended by business leaders from Russia, the Asia-Pacific region … More

RuNiTrade – B2B e-Trade platform


2015-2016 «Trailtrans logistics» created an electronic trade B2B-platform «RuNiTrade» which is a ready tool for promotion and delivery of Russian goods all over the world. «RuNiTrade» provides solutions for trade and logistics for enterprises in key branches of industry in Russia and worldwide. B2B (RuNiTrade) is a dynamic e-commerce platform … More