JSN “NPO Protect” – producer of the polymeric products

The company manufactures the polymeric production with high performance characteristics. The products are widely used in such fields as construction, laying and repairing of roads, agriculture, landscaping. Company produces high-quality geotextiles, geocells, geogrids for road stabilization, plastic nets for home and garden, signal and protective tapes, road cones and precautionary … More

OKHRANNAYA TECHNIKA: manufacturer of high-performance outdoor security perimeter systems.


Company “OKHRANNAYA TECHNIKA” is a Russian manufacturer and developer of the modern and high-performance outdoor perimeter systems. The technical solutions provide the perimeter protection of any object: from private property or small offices to big state and commercial objects. There are no territory and language limits for us. Products are … More

SibEnzyme – enzymes for genetic engineering and medical applications


SibEnzyme Company supply enzymes worldwide including US, EU, Japan, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries. SibEnzyme company was founded in 1991 Company’s headquarter is located in Scientific and Technological park of Novosibirsk, Russia Scientific and Technological park of Novosibirsk includes Academgorodok of Novosibirsk, Medical research cluster, Agricultural research … More

“Energokabel” – Cable Plant


JSC “Cable Plant “Energokabel’” produces and delivers cable-conductor products to industrial and civil construction sites, as well as to the special purpose sites. The company has been dynamically developing on the market for more than 15 years and is a recognized leader in the field of quality of manufactured products. … More