Charge up to 100! Intelligent business space «100% TATARSTAN»

The launch of the intellectual business space «100% Tatarstan» will take place on the Day of the Republic of Tatarstan. Large scale online event on the most innovative Russian region experience and a unique platform for global engagement and communication with partners and experts will take place from August 30 to September 10,… Continue reading

PALIZH – Coloring pastes for industrial use

The company «Novyi Dom» LLC is one of the largest enterprises in Russia for the production of paints and varnishes. The history of the enterprise began in 1998 in Izhevsk, with the opening of the production of paints and enamels with 10 jobs. Today it is a modern high-tech enterprise… Continue reading

«NEOMID» – high-tech products for professional quality construction, reconstruction and repair

Construction chemicals under the trademark NEOMID are produced by the same name NEOMID Group of companies – trading and manufacturing enterprise with own production facilities, laboratory complex, office and storage premises in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The company’s portfolio includes more than 1100 SKU of paints and protective agents for successful… Continue reading

ZARYA – Revolutionary Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

The Fire Suppression System Manufacturer of the ISP group is the current leader of the fire safety innovation industry in Russia. When people need to protect their server or archive room, bank vault or warehouse with expensive equipment, container units or DGU (diesel generator unit), they come to ISP group…. Continue reading

STAN Group – Russian metal processing machine tools

STAN ( is the largest Russian integrated company in the design and manufacture of machine tool equipment with more than 50% in the domestic market of metalworking machines production and 7 production sites. Company is interested in establishing commercial relations with the UK distributors, aerospace companies, wind turbines and blades… Continue reading

Yenisey Siberia CIP

The Yenisey Siberia ( is a comprehensive investment project for the development of three regions: the Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakassia, the Republic of Tuva. Supported by the President and the Government of Russia, the project was initiated by the heads of the regions. The agreement on cooperation under… Continue reading

Online educational platform that breaks down barriers

Everytale is a visionary company with the mission: to digitize the education industry and give people in every region of the world, regardless of their financial situation, language skills, or disadvantages, an opportunity to develop academically. Their product is an interactive platform that completely digitalizes learning while adding a possibility… Continue reading

Russian INSSTAL company is looking for distributors and end-users of zinc dust in the UK

PKF INSSTAL LLC is a high-tech company dedicatedto the research, development, production and sales ofproducts made out of non-ferrous metals, including finezinc powder, dispersed zinc powder and a range of zincalloys.PKF INSSTAL LLC employs cutting-edge productionand management technologies. Production, research,testing and analysis, operations and management processesare carried out by highly… Continue reading

ICS CUBE – Control & Secure your network

ICS CUBE is the single solution of the whole set of issues small business network faces when using the Internet. Having Internet security as the primary focus, ICS CUBE is Unified Threat Management (UTM) other vital functions: internet access control and accountability, content filtering, internet gateway, mail server, web server,… Continue reading

Car Window Shades – TROKOT™

The TROKOT company was founded in 2012 in the city of Moscow. It all started with the idea of creating a decent and high-quality sun shade system that could completely replace window tinting. TROKOT™ Car Window Shades are comfortable, practical and most importantly – a legally permitted alternative to tinted… Continue reading